Appeal from Catholic Vote

I pass this along to my readers in case any of you honest and decent folk out there wish to contribute to the cause. It is from Catholic Vote, an organization that was also targeted and harassed.


The IRS scandal is nothing but a “preposterous charade.”

…or simply “political theatre.”

Yesterday, left wing Democrats McDermott and Blumenauer had the audacity to blame the victims of the IRS targeting for daring to exercise their First Amendment rights! This is outrageous.

That’s why today are launching a massive Facebook ad campaign targeting voters in their districts. If we don’t speak up now, others will take their cue, and the investigation of the IRS could be derailed.

Can you chip in $15 now to help CV put some heat on these politicians?

Let’s remember what we are talking about.

Agents of the IRS have targeted, audited, and harassed pro-life, pro-marriage, and pro-liberty groups across the country because of their political beliefs – including the Education Fund. Liberal groups have not been similarly targeted, and instead their applications for tax exemption were fast tracked for approval.

Just yesterday a pro-life group in Iowa testified before Congress that the IRS promised that their application for tax exemption would be approved if they promised not to protest Planned Parenthood!


And now Rep. Blumenauer and McDermott want to sweep this scandal under the rug. They blame the law and the “controversial” nature of these groups.

So according to these Democratic Congressman, it’s our fault!

Don’t be fooled. This is the start of a coordinated effort to
create a scandal escape hatch. If they can get away with this outrage, then others will start piling on. Justice will never be served. And we will never know the truth.

We’re running millions of Facebook ads reaching voters in
targeted districts urging them to call and protest this shameless shifting of blame.

For $15, you can blast the ad to 418 people in their districts…

Can you chip in $10, $25 or even $100 to help us apply more pressure?

You and I both know that this scandal is unprecedented. Never before has an agency of the United States government been used to target massive numbers of people solely because of their political beliefs.

The scandal must be exposed.

The IRS investigation must go on.

Chip in to help hold these politicians accountable.

Brian Burch

My only comment is that Liberals have for so long operated by decreeing Conservative philosophy, values, and goals to be insane , traitorous, phobic, detestable and unworthy of discussion, that they have lost the ability to see us as human beings, rather than as exaggerated caricatures of monsters.

This is a poisonous doctrine, for no one extends equal rights, or courtesy, or chivalry to monsters. Whether their doctrines are true or not is another issue, and decided on other grounds: my point here is that even if their doctrines are true, the side effect of treating all human affairs are Darwinian power struggles to the death between irreconcilable enemies is that, if taken to its logical conclusion, the doctrine undermines any reason to believe in the equality of man or the objectivity of the laws. I am not saying the IRS knew itself guilty of wrongdoing and is trying to hide it. I am saying that at least some of them cannot tell whether what they did was wrong. They were told the Tea Party was the same as the KKK, motivated by race-hatred, and prone to violence, and on the brink of erupting into mass lynchings and riot. Who would welcome such a group into influencing the political outcome of elections? Who would grant them a right to participate?

The Left believes all institutions and moral laws are manmade, and believes (depending on which branch of the Left is speaking) that the Establishment, the Man, the Authority Figure, the Corporations, the Jews, the Pope, the Banking Industry, the Oil Industry or the Patriarchy are the source of most or all of the world’s evils, most or all of the world’s violence, and the only violence it is morally correct to fight against. They don’t think we have rights, or, if we have them, we don’t deserve them.

And, honestly, if “rights” are a human institution created by human expediency to create peace and order, then that right can be removed from anyone who disturbs peace and order, or whose exercise of rights are not expedient, such as unborn babies, car manufacturers, Branch Davidians, Terri Schiavo, Elian Gonzalez, Tea Party members, Pro-Marriage Activists, Anti-Abortion Protestors, or anyone else who thinks thoughts of which the Thought Police do not approve.

My point is that the Thought Police think that eliminating bad thoughts such as the love of equality and the colorblindness that goes with it (which they see as psychopathological race hatred), the love of decency and the nuclear family (which they see as psychopathological hatred of homosexuals), love of unborn babies (which they see as psychopathological hatred of women), love of the nation (which they see as psychopathological hatred of Islam) will eliminate the causes of war, pestilence, famine, strife and unhappiness and global warming and tooth decay. They actually think this, or most of them do.

We are the first civilization in history with no metaphysical or philosophical underpinnings whatsoever, the only civilization whose majority members have no idea what civilization is for, what life is for, what man is for, or what man is. In this intellectual vacuum, it is impossible to give a coherent account, a logical answer, to the question of what rights are for. Why is an unborn baby’s right to life inferior to a woman’s right to chose to commit aborticide? Why is a Catholic’s right not to pay for another man’s birth control inferior to a Jihadist’s right not to have his motives for his crimes discussed in public, or be tried by a civilian rather than a military tribunal? Without a metaphysical foundation, these questions can only be answered by emotions, sentiment, propoganda and hysteria. They cannot be debated logically and rationally because the point at which the two sides would debate — the ultimate issues that stand above and beyond mere scientific knowledge — have been decreed by modern intellectuals to be off limits, a matter of subjective personal opinion, and not open to reason.

So the only thing left is emotion. Without reason, the only thing left is group pressure tactics, collective justice, social justice, not rational judgment on how best to organize society. Since there is no common ground of discussion (since the common ground is abstract, and all abstractions have been ruled outside the realm of discussion in a subjectivist atmosphere) the only emotion left is suspicion, hostility, and revenge.

This stance of total emotional hostility has (as we all knew it must) insinuated itself into the mainstream, and into the political process, so much so that the Left is losing or has lost the ability to tell what is wrong or unjust about treating rivals for political office as infidels and enemies to be destroyed. Some of them, out of habit, might say they respect the rights of those whose political stance they do not share — but ask them for a justification. Ask them for their axioms. If your experience is like mine, you will find nothing but a vague backwash of emotion.