Chick Fil A Day for Orson Scott Card

I heard on the radio, as front-page news headline, that Leftists are planning a boycott of the Ender’s Game movie to punish Orson Scott Card for daring to oppose gay marriage. The news particularly mentioned that the movie has nothing to do with marriage or with sex or sexual deviance: the boycotters just want Card punished for thinking wrong thoughts.

I could not care less about this movie. I will certainly see it on opening night, paying full ticket price, rather than waiting for its release to second run theaters or on disc or streaming.

I want to reward Card only because Left wants to punish him.

I want to live in a free society rather than one where men with unpopular views are hounded down by mobs of craven zealots. I want to live in a society where those who cannot tell the difference between a sexual perversion and a civil right are shamed into silence, and their moral blindness and brutal ignorance no longer tolerated among honest men.

Come, my friends, my fellow citizens, my fellow science fiction fans. Are we to let talented writers be savaged and punished and silenced, and allow these barbarians to have their way?

Let us make the opening night of this movie one of the most successful ever.