The Fenwick-Sugden Plan

President Obama today made a speech in which he mocked those of us who are not illiterate of economics for not having any alternatives to Obamacare.

Well, it took me about one second of searching around for a conservative alternative to his pseudo-socialist compulsory medical insurance Ponzi Scheme that is so broken and so sad even before it starts that he has to break the law to prop it up.

I will let the virtual president explain the plan:

I call Obamacare pseudo-socialized because it is actually a Mussolini-style syndicate where the AMA or AARP or Union Bosses or Good Ol’ Boys or other Party Loyalists get fat contracts or political pay-off in return for playing along, a crony-capitalist-statist system that is otherwise known as fascism.

The Congress exempted itself from Obamacare. And how many waivers were handed out?

No alternatives? No, I do not think the President is lying here. Not what we call lying. The Left has done away with the categories of truth and lying. There categories are statements that help the Party, also called goodthink, and statements that harm the party, also called crimethink. He is not deliberately saying something he thinks a falsehood because those categories no longer govern his thinking.

I imagine Stalin saying the same thing about the Supreme Soviet control of all industries: that there can be no industry unless the government runs it. If the government does not run it, it does not really exist. Leaving men free to find their own way, spend their own money, hire their own doctors, act like adults — this is not something Leftists argue against.

They merely cannot imagine it. Goodthink prevents them from imagining it.

When they see it with their own eyes, they suffer something like hysterical blindness. They pretend and pretend they did not see what they saw, and something snaps in their brains, and soon they come to believe they never saw it. Party trumps truth. The only correct thought is a politically correct thought.

The Left never wakes up. Their Pravda news services simply do not report the number of people losing their health insurance, or, if they do, they report it as a non-issue, merely the griping of the unenlightened, whiners whose do not understand that the Glorious Leader will give them even better insurance plans in times to come. They are unaware of the magnitude of the harm being done, and they cannot be made aware.

To become aware is crimethink.