A Marvel from A.D. 802701


It is discovered that H.G. Wells was wrong in his prediction. We need not wait until AD 802701 to see the English devolve into the troglodyte cannibal Morlock and the effete, pampered frail and helpless Eloi too foolish to realize that they are food animals.

No, the subhumans in England this day in 2014 combine both the anthropophagic viciousness of the Morlocks and the dainty weakness of the Eloi at one and the same time!

I was reading Larry Correia’s blog, Monster Hunter Nation. In today’s episode, he has been subject to a ritual shaming by the Guardian so-called newspaper of some country our ancestors left long ago when we got sick of their dandified addiction to petty tyranny, and came here to be free men.

The mewling cravens and castrati were left behind. By some odd miracle, no doubt involving arts forbidden by the Catholic Church, they reproduced and swelled in numbers, and, after Churchill was voted out of office, they outbred the remaining homo sapiens, and overspread the sceptred isle, so green and fair, once called Our Lady’s Dowry.

Not to worry! All that made England decent, fine and free survives in America.

How badly have the dross devolved? A simian named Mr. Damian Walter takes up his pen in his quadrumanous left foot to savage the indomitable Mr. Correia. I read this sentence:

Somebody else told me that Damian is an “aspiring” author, and that he’d recently been given a grant by the British government to write a novel.

A grant?

A grant?!


Can you imagine the sheer effrontery it requires for someone who grovels for pity-pennies to address a real man, a man who works for a living, and upbraid him in his chosen field of endeavor?

Mr. Correia quit his day job, friends. He supports himself entirely by his pen, which by any account, is a frail and narrow pillar for all but the most accomplished wordsmiths.

The simian creature does not write in his non-work hours, as do I; he is a beggar. An aspiring beggar. Nay, let me insult no beggar. The creature is not an honest beggar. Honest beggars asks and accept only alms freely given.

He fawns and licks the bloodstained hand of Caesar, and suckles at the bloody teat of Caesar, drinking up the wealth and labor of honest working men like a vampire. The creature is a slave and less than a slave: a sycophant. He is a catamite literally, but, worse, figuratively, and plays the role rumor says Augustus as a boy played to Caesar.

How could any man who called himself a man not throw grant money back into the white and worm-eaten faces of the rulers of this world? How could he have no pride at all?

And where does a creature who sold his manhood for a mess of pottage without pride find the gall to snarl and bark at real men? It is a marvel of science!

* * *

Do you wonder that I do not address a single point raised by Mr. Corriea’s incompetent would-be character assassin? There are three reasons:

First, I confess I am too shocked to the core of my cold and dispassionate Houyhnhnm heart to do so. I have never met, in real life, someone willing to take other people’s money, extracted from them to serve the public weal in soldier’s pay or fortresses or warships, and use that money to produce worthless art.

Worthless. Look at the debris cluttering the public, tax-supported, modern art museums. This is what the taxpayer-extracted grant money buys: No one who can produce real work lacks patrons and customers. Only failures. Only losers. Only losers who deserve to lose.

I can understand a sculptor hired to make a public monument to glorify fallen heroes and veterans of war, or great leaders who saved the nation. I have never met a writer so venal yet so incompetent that he needed tax money to write, and so lacking in self-worth or simple decency as to take it. Could not that money have bought bread for the poor?

Second, to crush the insect further would show a lack of magnanimity for which we Virginians are justly famed.  Others have spoken more forcefully and adroitly than I.

Third, I have learned by sad experience that the lesson Socrates learn in the opening of the Symposium: even with the best will in the world, one can only debate a man who is debating.


  1. Skim until Offended
  2. Disqualify that Opinion
  3. Attack, Attack, Attack
  4. Disregard Inconvenient facts
  5. Make Sh*t Up
  6. Resort to Moral Equivalency
  7. Concern Trolling
  8. When all else fails, Racism!

If you want to see each aspect and part of this pageant of shameless self-degradation, you may inspect the various blogs and sites. Mr. Larry Correia had gathered the sorry record together in his opening paragraphs, which I here reprint. The bold print is the bold Mr. Correia. The effete thin and weak print is the Wormtongue:

Dave goes through why gender roles actually exist for things beyond hurting Damian’s delicate lilac scented feelings: http://madgeniusclub.com/2014/04/14/cow-manure-and-truth/ (and this one is especially good, because as he talks about punching cows. That back breaking, filthy, dangerous job is how I grew up. No wonder every other job in my life has seemed easy in comparison. I must have “privilege”)

Sarah explains how Damian having to cut his hair isn’t the worst thing to ever happen, while trying to steal my title of International Lord of Hate: http://accordingtohoyt.com/2014/04/13/i-need-a-secret-lair-and-minions-and-piranhas/

And while the libprogs are trying to poison the awards well against other conservative writers, Amanda explains the modern literati libprog’s concept of fairness: http://madgeniusclub.com/2014/04/15/so-much-for-fairness/

I just want to focus on the part where he comes after me.

When author and historian Alex Dally Macfarlane made a call earlier this year for a vision of post-binary gender in SF, her intelligent argument was met with predictably intractable ignorance from conservative sci-fi fans.

First off, it wasn’t intelligent at all. It was a petulant demand for authors to end the default of binary gender in their fiction, and how she never wanted to see the default of binary gender again. Please, go ahead and read it. Don’t take my word for it.

For writers and fans like Larry Correia, whose virulent attack on MacFarlane

Interesting… Notice how Damian doesn’t ever link to what I actually said and never uses any actual quotes from me. Here is my “virulent attack”. If you’ve not read it yet, read it for yourself and decide if it matches anything Damian goes on to accuse me of: http://monsterhunternation.com/2014/01/28/ending-binary-gender-in-fiction-or-how-to-murder-your-writing-career/

was excellently dissected by Jim C Hines, sex is a biological imperative and the idea of gender as a social construct is a damn liberal lie!

If Jim’s pathetic slap fight attempt at taking me down strikes you as “excellently dissected” I’d hate to live in your sad little Everybody Gets a Trophy world. It was more of an attempted playground hair pulling, so then I responded by metaphorically knocking his fucking teeth in. Here is an actual dissection of excellence, where I take Jim Hines out and kick him around like a soccer ball. http://monsterhunternation.com/2014/01/29/5687/

I quote Mr Correia here because I confirm his assessment of the so-called ‘excellent dissection’ by Mr. Jim Hines. I mean no disrespect to Mr. Hines; he is a real writer of some accomplishment, as far as I know living on no one’s grant money; but of his debating techniques in this case were not in evidence. I was reminded of the famous cat-fight between Xander and Harmony the Vampiress on the TV show BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER.