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Simply a suburb article today by Matt Walsh.

As you might imagine, I was recently reacquainted with the rather sickening idea that I have a duty to show reverence for a political office, when I wrote a post last week where I merely called the president a liar. Indeed, anytime you criticize the president with an intent more serious than playfully teasing him for picking the wrong team in his March Madness bracket – anytime you attack authority, particularly presidential authority, particularly THIS president’s authority — the ‘respect the office’ propagators will come streaming in, fingers-a-wagging and heads-a-shaking.

‘Respect the office,’ they gush. Noticeably, the folks most concerned with respecting Obama’s office weren’t to be heard from during that certain eight year period where Bush was daily cut down as anything from Hitler Incarnate

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I disagree with him on one technicality: officers in uniform must properly salute the Commander-in-Chief and proffer other signs of subordination and respect as military discipline requires. Otherwise, I agree wholly. As civilians, we need only proffer signs of respect for the Constitution that the President serves and we obey. Our respect for him is the minimum requires to maintain public order, and is abrogated when he acts against the office and the Constitution.