The Diskos

A reader has a question about AWAKE IN THE NIGHT:

Mr Wright,
I’m having a little trouble visualizing the Diskos. Sometimes I see it as a lance with a cone shaped spinning shaft or blade and sometimes as an ax like weapon. Am I right with either visualization? Ah I have reached the part of the second story that describes a Diskos without the blade.

Happy to help! The diskos looks like a pizza cutter. Or maybe like a unicycle.

I do not have the paragraph in front of me, but I believe that the narrator calls the ‘blade’ of the weapon by the term ‘diskos’ that is, the disk-shaped cutting blade, but he also uses this term for the whole weapon, the same way we might call a sword ‘a blade’.

Maybe a picture will make this clear.

This is what the diskos weapon looks like. It is a two-handed axe whose blade is like a living, electrified sawblade,, if you lived in a universe where electricity was also life-energy pulsing with psychic force.

X4With the blade dismounted, the forks look like this: