Instapundit and the World Crime League

Sarah Hoyt, who is not even a minion of mine, has done me the unsolicited honor of promoting my book on Instapundit:

And she speaks of herself in the third person. Could she be a Dark Lord (or, in her case, Dark Lady) in her own right? Does she have drug-maddened Dacoit assassins, a secret base hidden in a dormant volcano, and an army of human-ape hybrids created by insane Soviet science? It seems she does!

Is she the World’s Worst Person? I thought that was Larry Correia, International Lord of Hate?

Let us check the file photos to confirm:


Sarah Hoyt, Mistress of Evil!

I believe the correct term for a female ‘Hater’ is a ‘Hatress’.


Larry Correia, International Lord of Hate!

Larry Correia is heavily into guns.


John C. Wright, Gentleman and Scholar

Yes, I have studied both modern science and primordial black magic. After all, the Evil Catholic Church of Evil invented both! It is one of the advantages of a classical education.

If the three of us actually are supervillains of the Right, it is sad that there is no real opposition to us on the Left, no Justice League of Whining to face our World Crime League of Logic.

I mean, Doctor Doom, the Baroness, and Ironmonger cannot face off against Rabbitman, Captain Compassion, and Petty the Anger Bug. That would be absurd. There is nothing equal against which our genius of evil can be directed.

And let me not forget, the Expelled One, He Who Must Not Be Named, the one the Leftcultists of the Science Fiction World call the ENEMY!


Vox Day, Lord of Darkness