The Infinite Brat

Sarah Hoyt has a simply brilliant article up on her journal:

She lists the several reasons and drawback to claiming to be victim while living in the most just, peaceful, prosperous, lazy, fat and happy nation in all human history since the Fall of Saturn and the exile of Adam. One drawback is that perpetual victims give up on attempting to be virtuous and hardworking. The only thing they are taught to think and to do to get ahead in life is roll in the mud shrieking and whining for attention, kicking their legs in the air, and threatening violence they are rarely in a position to carry out. They are not just brats, but brats without boundary, reason, pause, or cease. They are infinite brats, because the whole of the endless universe is so very unfair to them.

The Infinite Brats are eternal losers. They do not want to be winners, because all winners are cheaters, so they adopt the behaviors which make them losers.

The Infinite Brats revert to the primal and simple moral code where life is a zero-sum game, a war to extermination between my tribe and all other tribes. In this game, because all winners in life are cheaters, the only thing to do is take their ill gotten gains by force and redistribute the wealth: and whoever is the biggest victim, the biggest loser, and loudest whiner gets the most goodies.

One point Mrs Hoyt overlooks to mention is that the biggest loser is also the meanest and most foul mouthed lout, the least civil barbarian, the angriest rioter, the bag of hate. Being a victim gives the Infinite Brat

Total hatred, hatred with out any shred of remorse or scruple, hatred without limit is, unfortunately, both the principle mindset and the principle side effect of the war of every tribe against every tribe.

Fortunately, Matt Walsh has an article on the topic of Progressive Hatery:

The Infinite Brat is infinitely unjust, and blames the innocent and praises the guilty. His worldview allows for no other outcome. He is infinitely full of hate. Even the ones who are motivated by compassion at first are motivated by a desire to steal from the winners and punish the winners.

As a matter of simple psychological fact, one cannot routinely rob and hurt another person without coming to hate him. The progressive who are not yet consumed with hate will stand silently by, and applaud, and elect, and reward those that are.

Imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever. Even if the first time you stamp on the screaming and bloody face, your motive is honestly and truly a compassion for the downtrodden and a love of social justice, by the twentieth or seventieth stamp of the boot into the ruined mess of the face, your motive is hate.

You treat the enemy like he is a little inhuman at first, but soon he is not human at all. The only way to blot his humanity utterly out of your conscience is utter hatred, hatred without limit. Anything less than pure and perfect hate cannot smother your conscience.

If you point out to an Infinite Brat that you have never done anything to them, one way or the other, ever, they reply that some primordial ancestor in the long-ago dreamtime wounded them in some undefined way, and by mumbojumbo magic that sin is attributed to you. Check your white privilege, you filthy Jew!

— yes, if you see a parallel between our modern Progressives and the progressives of the National Socialist Worker’s Party of Germany (whose contributions to human civilization we remember on D-Day) the parallel is not in your imagination. Same idea, same rhetoric, same axioms, same outcome; some outcome, that is, unless we have the same courage of the boys who stormed Normandy Beach.