Me Getting Dumbinger?! Unpossible!

I finally found out what my editor at EveryJoe looks like. Here is Mr. Macris (his parents named him after the Japanese Anime Macris Plus: Southern Cross) giving a lecture on doughnuts and why modern media shortens attention span and reading levels.

One of the comments below the youtube video was this:


I have a feeling that he is getting something very wrong in his premise. Shorter sentences and lower reading levels I would argue does not make the reading “dumber” We have shifted, we have so much more knowledge to comprehend, while at the same time realizing that big words does not equal big ideas. The more simple you can convey your idea the better you will teach. This is not dumbing down, dis is adapting to the high rate of information, and straemlining teaching effieciency

Yes, it is straemlining the teaching effieciency. Even with automatic spelling checkers, the moderns are too lined in their straems to spell effiecfully.

(Now, let no one say I lack my own spelling and grammatical errors, but then again, I know my intelligence dropped ten points after I bought a computer with Internet access. Instead of using sonorous and polysyllabic words like ‘sesquipedalian’ and ‘omophagy’ and ‘nuncupatory’, I now routinely use words like ‘awesomesauce’ and ‘Noy Jetat’ and ‘Frell’ — and certain words are creeping into my conversation, words like ‘swell’ and ‘so’s you’re old man’ and I tell jokes from Captain Billy’s Whiz-bang. So, the Internet is like intelligence-deadening drug from BRAVE NEW WORLD injected into Gamma and Delta embryos.)

Another, so unintentionally hilarious that I must assume this is parody, not real:



Oddly, I think I now understand why the modern atheists cannot deliver the coherent arguments which they routinely were able to recite when I was young, and why the modern Materialists cannot make a coherent argument at all without my help. They are dumb.

The moderns have lowered their intelligence and verbal skills below the minimum needed, eighth grade reading level or so, to understand a sentence written by a man with a classical education.

They don’t understand what a definition is, so they never define their terms. They don’t know what a syllogism is, so they can neither make one, nor can they feel the need to answer a syllogism except by making emotion-conveying pre-verbal noises, wordless sneers, wordless laughs, wordless shrieks, wordless shrugs. That they do these things in words is a testament to their education.