Book Bomb! CHAPLAIN’S WAR by Brad Torgersen

I want to help out my fellow Legionnaire of the Evil League of Evil by spreading the word. This is from Larry Correia:

Today we are Book Bombing Brad Torgersen’s debut novel, Chaplain’s War.

A chaplain serving in Earth’s space fleet is trapped behind enemy lines where he struggles for both personal survival and humanity’s future.

The mantis cyborgs: insectlike, cruel, and determined to wipe humanity from the face of the galaxy.

The Fleet is humanity’s last chance: a multi-world, multi-national task force assembled to hold the line against the aliens’ overwhelming technology and firepower. Enter Harrison Barlow, who like so many young men of wars past, simply wants to serve his people and partake of the grand adventure of military life. Only, Harrison is not a hot pilot, nor a crack shot with a rifle. What good is a Chaplain’s Assistant in the interstellar battles which will decide the fate of all?

More than he thinks. Because while the mantis insectoids are determined to eliminate the human threat to mantis supremacy, they remember the errors of their past. Is there the slightest chance that humans might have value? Especially since humans seem to have the one thing the mantes explicitly do not: an innate ability to believe in what cannot be proven nor seen God. Captured and stranded behind enemy lines, Barlow must come to grips with the fact that he is not only bargaining for his own life, but the lives of everyone he knows and loves. And so he embarks upon an improbable gambit, determined to alter the course of the entire war.

The reason I do these Book Bombs every month is to get some more attention for a worthy author who could use a career boost. I steer people toward Amazon because they have a sales ranking system that updates every hour. The more people we can get to purchase the book on the same day, the higher it goes in the ratings. Once it gets onto the various bestseller lists for its genre, even more people see it.  Success breeds success, and the the author gets a lot of new fans.
If you want to order it somewhere else, that’s great too. Even though it doesn’t boost that sales rank number for the day the most important thing is that the author GETS PAID.
We have learned from prior Book Bombs that if you leave reviews after you’ve read the book, that really helps too. The reviews help the book get more attention that lingers for a long time after the initial BB sales spike.
Why pick Brad? Well, first off the book is excellent. Brad is one of the most talented writers I know. He’s been nominated for all the awards (but don’t let that scare you, he’s actually good). The story that this novel is based on was the Sad Puppies nominee for best novella. A bunch of really sharp sci-fi authors expect great things from Brad.
Brad is a friend of mine. He is one of the members of Writer Nerd Game Night. He’s an all around good dude. Brad’s day job is being a computer weenie for a bunch of hospitals, and one weekend a month and two weeks a year (HA!) he’s a Chief Warrant Officer in the Army National Guard. The goal of this Book Bomb is selfish. I want Brad to make a ton of money as an author so he can quit his day job and just write books for our amusement nonstop.
Right now the paperback is at: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #40,032 in Books
and the Kindle book is: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #14,822 Paid in Kindle Store
As the stats change throughout the day I’ll update these numbers so we can see how we are doing. The higher he gets, the more likely Brad is to GET PAID!
So please tell your friends and spread the word. Let’s help out an great new author.