Go go Gamergate!

What can you do?

Friends, if you want the so called Social Justice Warriors and their agenda of defeminized woman and immasculate men and sexual perversion and abomination to fail, and their tactics of gossip and backbiting and anti-White racism and anti-Christian bigotry to fail and fail hard, you are probably wondering what you can do to help.

The answer is that you can do simple and persistent things.

Here is a message from my publisher:


  • Support the good. Don’t support the SJWs in any of their flavors.
  • Get on Twitter. Tweet once with #OpSkyNet. Retweet and favorite one #GamerGate tweet per day.
  • Email one Gawker (or other #GamerGate target) advertiser per week.
  • Join Recommend. Write one Game- or Book-related reco, good or bad, per week and I’ll add it to the appropriate list. Be sure to follow me first so I will see it.
  • Try an indy game from a #GamerGate developer.
  • Submit an article to Reaxxion.
  • Speak out. Do a blog post. Tell a friend.
  • Stand by those under attack, especially if you don’t agree with them. The primary SJW tactic is 3rd Generation. They cut off, isolate, then swarm. They can’t do that if you refuse to permit them to separate you from their target.

He says more and the topic, and with more authority than I can muster:


and here


And, for those of you interesting in what the media thinks of Gamergate (and I mean that sliver of media which is not owned, body and soul, by the Progressives) , I am pleased to see signs of support:

The reaction in the press has been bewilderment and, then, apoplectic rage, driven at least in part by a media establishment that sees video gamers—the supposed dorks and basement-dwellers of popular imagination—mounting a credible and effective defence against the liars, frauds, neurotics and attention-seekers who have already destroyed morale and wrecked culture in the comic, sci fi and fantasy worlds.