Islam is Theopolitical

A friend of mine, and several other commentators and pundits have pondered and wondered why it is that Muslims seem to have so much trouble policing their own. Why is it that this peaceful religion of peace cannot control nor restrain the radical extremists in their midst who commit acts of terror and mass murder?

This question and questions like this are based on a false assumption, nay, an illusion. The acts of bloody murder we see in the newspapers every day committed by Mohammedans are simply not the acts of radicals. By definition, a radical is one who proposes far-ranging and absolute changes to a system, changes from root to crown, radical changes, and is willing to embrace radical and unheard-of means to do so. Again, by definition, and extremist is someone far from the mainstream, an outlier, an unlikely fringe example.

What the modern Muslims are doing is using modern tactics, perfected by the Communists and the Anarchists before them, committing of terror and mass murder in front of the press, to promote their most ancient strategy, and to continue the work their prophet, Mohammed, began in his lifetime. This is a strategy to spread their heretical religion by means of sword and terror.

Islam is Shariah Law. Shariah Law is Islam.

As impossible as it is for the Western mind to grasp this, Islam is a theopolitical party first and foremost, not a political party supporting an established church. There is no church in Islam.

That this theocratic political party has broken into aristocratic and populist camps, as political parties are wont to do, Sunni and Shiite, but this does not make them what we in the West call a denomination. Theocracy certainly has political elements, but it would be wrong to call “Theocracy” a religious sect or denomination.

So when we ask why the moderate Muslims do not check the excesses of the unorthodox radicals among them, the answer is that the violent Muslims are the orthodox and moderate wing, and the moderates are the radicals far from the mainstream of Muslim official teaching, Muslim history, Muslim thought and Muslim practice.

The imams and clerics of Mohammedanism do shepherd their flocks in the way of the Koran, and do urge their faithful to follow the teachings of the Prophet. And one of the teachings of the Prophet is war, holy war, endless war between the House of Submission (Dar-al-Islam) and the House of War (Dar-al-Harb).

This is NOT a case of a peaceful religion whose name is being blackened by a few crazed radicals. This is the case of a warlike religion who is returning to their ancient and longstanding roots and traditions.

Do you understand? Between the Battle of Lepanto and World War Two, Turkey attempted to Westernize and the Middle East and North Africa were colonized by Christian powers. The shepherds of Islam ceased to preach and promote war, endless war, holy war, between Christendom and Islam.

After the war, the European powers withdrew. Thanks to Political Correctness, the West lacks moral authority. No one wants to Westernize any more.

And the shepherds of Islam, the Imams and Clerics returned to their original texts, the original meaning, the fundamentals.

The Muslims ARE policing their own. They is why they are killing the moderates and silencing all opposition to Jihad.