More on Moral Retardation

Another evidence of Moral Retardation, aside from an utter inability to distinguish between opposites, is an utter inability to distinguish between differences of magnitude, as when, for example, the Moral Retard equates an insulting act, such as throwing a harmless metal baseball called a practice grenade into a mosque, with an act of war, such as having trained commandos attack the offices of a satirical magazine and kill the civilians in a grisly mass murder.

The favorite game of the Moral Retards is the game of ‘Moral Equivalence’ where any criticism of any of the favored allies or mascots of the Moral Retards is answered by saying the crimes of the mascots are no worse than the crimes of whatever group the critic is (or can be said to be) a member of.

In logic, this is known as the informal fallacy of Ad Hominem, or, specifically, Ad Hominem Tu Quoque. It is not only the favorite, experience shows to the be the only verbal behavior of a Leftist seeking to rebut an argument. In rhetoric, this is known as changing the subject and attacking the messenger. In psychology, this is known as having a frantic squirrel racing in circles in your otherwise empty brainpan.

However, even if it were not a logical error, it is still an example of Moral Retardation. Whenever a sane person says anything unflattering about the Jihad, the Moral Retard gives his instinctive verbal behavior of Ad Hominem. This typically takes two forms: (1) accusing the sane man of bigotry, usually by asserting that the sane man failed to genuflect to the idol of the Mythical Moderate Muslim, as when he calls the Jihadists ‘Muslims’ (which they are) but not ‘Radical Muslims’ (which they are not) and ergo he is a racist or Islamophobe; and (2) claiming the Christian terrorists are just as bad as the Islamic terrorists.

The difference between the two kinds of terrorist, from a sane perspective, can be illustrated by comparing the Wikipedia pages for Christian terrorism in the US
versus Islamic terrorism in the US

The former is six bullet points in a small section of a single page; the latter is a category comprising 6 sub-categories and 67 pages.

And please notice that even this makes the two seem more alike than they are, since all Christian leadership unambiguously condemns murdering abortionists, and that there is no international organization, no state actors, no paid professional apologists nor lobby groups, no madrasah nor university excusing and supporting such behavior in the name of Christ, nor is there any record of Christians taking to the street and dancing for joy at the news of the death of an abortionist.

Some have tried to pad the pathetic numbers here by adding Democrat Party terrorists, the KKK, to the list, asserting that their crimes were committed in the name of Christ and at the behest of Christian preachers and theologians.

This leads us again into the bewildering Alice-in-Wonderland world of Leftist thinking, and we see once more the floundering and flabbergasted  conservatives trying to explain whether the Leftists believe their own lies — for surely no one could be that gullible — or whether the Leftists lie such outrageous lies with no expectation of being believed, merely out of sheer, insane malice — for surely no one could be that evil.

No consensus can be reached, because the conservatives cannot imagine such evil or such gullibility. We simply cannot understand it. No matter how cynical and disillusioned we become, it is never enough: the loathsome depths to which the Left descends in their ceaseless defense of absolute evil and their ceaseless war against all things good and innocent and pure never reaches a bottom.

Whenever you think they have sunk to the lowest floor of Hell, it gives way underfoot, and reveals even deeper depths yawning below.