Tens of Thousands of Invisible Men

I Google’d the words MARCH FOR LIFE today, January 22nd, and clicked the ‘news’ tab. The results were fascinating: articles from Fox News, from Vatican Radio, Breitbart News, Patheos Blog, Newbusters, WTOP‎ (our local Christian radio)  the Catholic News Agency, and Channel 7, the local ABC affiliate. Notice anything odd about that?

Someone with more mathematical alertness than myself, and more patience to comb through the articles, should puzzled out what the ratio of mainstream media coverage to niche market Christian, conservative, and Catholic media coverage. So a sex hundred thousand man march, far larger than most political movements, simply is not news? I invite you to compare it to the anti-Ferguson marches and protests, accusing an innocent policeman and deifying a stoned thug, and how much news coverage they received.

Here is one of the columns:

From https://cocacolaman.wordpress.com/2015/01/20/12214-650k-will-march-on-washington-but-you-wont-hear-anything-about-it/ This is written by Ryan M. Adorjan, seminarian for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Joliet-in-Illinois.

1/22/14: 650k will March on Washington but You Won’t Hear Anything About it


Tomorrow, Wednesday, January 21 through Friday, January 23 I have the opportunity to travel to Washington D.C. for the annual March for Life which is a pro-life rally and peaceful protest occurring each year to mark the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Year after year, it is consistently one of the largest rallies in the United States and it’s only getting bigger. In 2003, the event drew 250,000 people to the capitol. By 2011, the number was up to 400,000 and in 2013 the number was 650,000. Interestingly, the turnout is not by a bunch of old religious fuddy duddies. In 2010, the Washington Post estimated that more than half of the marchers were under the age of 30, and that number continues to grow.

But this post is not really about abortion.

My question is this: In two days, there will be over 650,000 young people marching on our nation’s capitol, shutting down streets, holding banners, and taking part in this pro-life, pro-women display and the national news media will be almost silent about it….why is that?


Why did the riots in Ferguson captivate hours of air time on nearly every news channel, despite being much smaller than the March for Life? Why did the Eric Garner protests likewise receive live coverage and interviews? Last year, ABC and NBC gave the March for Life a combined 46 seconds of air time, donating nearly 5 times that much to BaoBao, a new panda cub at the National Zoo. CBS didn’t even mention the March. The year before, networks gave 521 times more coverage to Manti Te’o and his fictional girlfriend than they gave to a rally that effectively shuts down Capitol Hill. Whatever your stance on abortion, certainly we can agree that the issue is more important that the birth of a baby panda or some football player’s love life!

Read the whole thing.

My question for the reader is this: why can the Morlocks not even admit the size and vehemence of the opposition here?

What is gained by pretending we do not exist?

Or, to ask a more precise question, would not striking the pose that they are opposing such a large and bold movement allow them to portray themselves as heroes, and gain them more?

They cower before the weather, and before the Koch Brothers, which do not threaten them at all, but these marches display the strength of a society that bids fair to abolish abortion in our lifetimes.

The young and highly motivated survivors of the antinatal holocaust are gathering, and they see the economic disaster overpopulation scaremongers have done them, they can see the demographic disaster of Europe.

Why do the Left pretend real threats to their hellish hegemony do not exist, but flaunt in comical excesses of emotion their pantomimes gestures of exaggerated opposition to utterly unreal and imaginary dangers?