Count to a Trillion soundtrack

No one ever told me that once I grew to the stature of an obscure midlist writer, a fan out of the blue would write themesongs! It is the perfect music for reading my books, or, in my case, getting in the mood to complete the writing.

The composer is named Gina Sharp. I know almost nothing beside that, and I am very pleased to have been inspired to write a book that inspired a composition. If you like them, leave a comment on soundcloud. If you don’t like them, shut your poxy trap and learn some goddam manners.

The first is called ‘Walk from Bridge to Nowhere’

Second is Ximen Del Azarchel

The third is ‘Exarchel’

Fourth is called ‘Fr. Reyes y Pastor’

This one is called Rhadamanthus Tuxedo

And this is ‘Deeds of Renown Without Peer’

And of course the composure is a fan of Doctor Strange. I knew she had good taste.