Monster Hunter Book Bomb!

Larry Correia on his blog has the following announcement and call to arms. He wants you to put your arm into your wallet or pocketbook and pull out cash to get your entertainment dollar’s worth:

BOOK BOMB! Residue by Steve Diamond

Residue (Jack Bishop Book 1)
Kindle Edition
by Steve Diamond
Today we are Book Bombing Steve Diamond’s debut novel Residue. I was one of the alpha readers, and this is a great read.
For those of you new to the Book Bombs, how it works is that we get as many people as possible to buy the book on the same day from Amazon. This will cause it to go up in the sales rankings. The higher it ends up, the more new people will see it and check it out. A good book Bomb will introduce an author to hundreds or even thousands of new readers. The more exposure the better. Success breeds success, a deserving author gets new fans, and most importantly the author GETS PAID.
So please tell your friends, share the link, spread the word, bother random strangers on public transportation, etc.