The First Monster is Free

Mr Larry Correia has an announcement over on his site, Monster Hunter International (

Monster Hunter International, is available for free right now. We just added MHI to the Baen Free Library.

My publisher follows the same basic marketing philosophy as crack dealers. The first hit is free! If you like it, there is a whole lot more where that came from.

My comment: I can give this book a strong recommendation if you are in the mood for action-adventure, guns and monsters. I liked this book. A lot. I read all the sequels in an extended ecstatic  spasm of biblioholic haste.

If you are looking for a thoughtful meditation on the melancholy nature of the human condition, this is not the book.

If you want to drop headfirst into a madhouse full of vampires and ghouls being blasted by loving-described heavy-duty firearms, free market bounty hunters, lawn gnomes with attitudes, werewolves with eating disorders, trolling trolls, men from the government who are not here to help you, hot girls with cool guns, not to mention Lovecraftian monstrosities from beyond space and time, then this is the book.

Here is the opening paragraph. If it hooks you, read the free book. It’s free.

On one otherwise normal Tuesday evening I had the chance to live the American dream. I was able to throw my incompetent jackass of a boss from a fourteenth-story window.

Now, I didn’t just wake up that morning and decide that I was going to kill my boss with my bare hands. It really was much more complicated than that. In my life up to that point I would never have even considered something that sounded so crazy. I was just a normal guy, a working stiff. Heck, I was an accountant. It doesn’t get much more mundane than that.

That one screwed-up event changed my life. Little did I realize that turning my boss into sidewalk pizza would have so many bizarre consequences. Well, technically, he did not actually hit the sidewalk. He landed on the roof of a double-parked Lincoln Navigator, but I digress.

My name is Owen Zastava Pitt and this is my story.