The Mockery of the World

My beautiful and talented wife has a short but heartfelt column up today on the Superversive feature of the Arhyelon blog:

Some of you know that I am currently taking the Boy Scouts of America’s Wood Badge Leadership Course. A friend, who had been both military and State Department, (they used to send him places to make sure it was safe before they sent the Secretary of State,) told me that it was the best leadership program in the world. Others have told me that the military has modeled some of its leadership programs after Wood Badge.

One of the five principles of Wood Badge is: Leveraging Diversity Through Inclusiveness. I am happy to say that they use the original meaning of diversity—things that are diverse and different, not the modern meaning, where the word sometimes seems to apply only to a very small group of popular issues.

The below is an excerpt from something that I may be including in one of my Wood Badge projects. I though some of you might enjoy the sentiment.


It is very difficult to hold to what you believe, when all the world is telling you that you are wrong. It is easy to duck your head and go with the crowd and turn your back on the things that don’t fit in.

But we are not raising our Scouts to do the easy thing.

We want them to raise their heads with pride, regardless of the mockery of the world.