Conspiracy or Code of Conduct?

One of the arguments against the Anthropogenic Global Falsehood Theory is that so many scientists cannot be cooperating in maintaining a falsehood because such a conspiracy could not be maintained secretly.

I propose a simple rebuttal: the thing is not a conspiracy. It is a code of conduct that springs out of the worldview called Political Correctness.

When a large group of people take it as a maxim of their code of conduct that believing what is politically useful rather than what is true, it is not a secret that they do not believe nor say the truth. This is not a conspiracy except in the sense that Taoism or Monarchism is a conspiracy.

It is a shared worldview. Political Correctness differs from other shared worldviews in that it is, at its core, at its root, utterly dishonest. Political Correctness is the attempt to think whatever is approved thought, and not to think the truth. Whether it counts as lying when you yourself pretend you believe the lie with all your might is an interesting question for a psychopathologist. From a practical point of view, it is a lie.

So if everyone in the worldview lies, and lies in the same way about the same topics, this is not a conspiracy. It is not secret. Everyone outside the cult (who cares to look) knows political correctness is a lie.

It is a lie about … everything.


The part of the lie that extends to economics, ecology, politics, and so on, is this scaremongering hysteria about the environment, pretending that the world, which is cleaners and safer and less polluted than ever, is merely inches away from some ever-changing disaster. The disaster of this week is global warming, global climate change, and global whatever. Last week it was global cooling. And the week before that it was Alar, DDT, acid rain, mercury in fish, cellphones causing cancer, ozone holes, overpopulation, or some other boogieman.

When a member of the cult enters the legal profession, he lies. When he enters the sciences, he lies. When he enters the journalistic professions, he lies. If he becomes a teacher, he lies. He lies and lies and lies.

This is because his worldview, his philosophy of life on a primary, fundamental, and emotional level rejects the truth as unfair and rejects the idea of loyalty to truth as racist, sexist, homophobic and bigoted. The only way to escape from bigotry is to pretend as hard as you can to believe whatever the current politically correct lies happen to be. Facts are kryptonite to leftists. Their philosophy of life on a primary, fundamental, and emotional level requires them to shade facts, alter data, slant, spin, lie, and cover up.

The East Anglia professor was UTTERLY SERIOUS and not suffering a brain spasm when he refused to show his raw data to a skeptic on the grounds that peer review of data might show the truth of the situation. Showing the truth is the one and central thing Political Correctness abhors. The reason why the philosophy of Political Correctness was invented was to smother the truth. That is how these people live. It is what they are.

We live in an Empire of Lies. It is hardly a conspiracy.