Unleash the Correia!

Your humble servant is mentioned in the Guardian newspaper in the same breath as Vox Day as being so extremely badthink as to be beyond the pale, on the grounds that Jimes Hines once slandered me because I did not like my favorite children’s cartoon aimed as children being used as a vehicle to promote the normalization of a sexual abnormality to children.

And I am one of the dread and dreaded subspecies called Christians, one of those horrors spoken of in whispers who thinks suicide a sin, abortion a Carthaginian horror, sodomy an abomination, and lying is wrong. You know, one of those people that, since the Fifth Century or so, have been running Western Civilization, and who is solely responsible for all of its advances.

Larry Correia fisked the damned column (I use the word with exquisite theological precision) so you don’t have to.

The underlying article is so boring, so predicable, so foolishly smug and wrongheaded that it would be otherwise intolerable to read. Liek viewing Cthulhu when Rlyeh arises, you would loose your sanity points.

Dear heavens, how I admire and love Mr Correia! He deserves the title Monster-Fib Hunter International. I suspect that the Bene Gesserit Witches together with Mentor of Arisia have been cross-breeding human beings for a hundred generations to bring out the awesomeness gene, and finally succeeded with him. He is a second-stage lensman and the Kwizach Haderack. There is no other explanation.