My Daughter’s Other Father

This is a very difficult post for me to write. It is a cry for help.

There is a man who runs a boarding school in China, who, during the terrible years before we adopted her, was the only father, helper, and protector my daughter ever knew.

His name is Xin Lijian, chairman and founder of the Xinfu Education Group. My daughter just calls him ‘The Chairman.’

She was abandoned by her parents, thanks to the hideous ‘one-child’ policy that the Leftists here in America so love and admire, for the crime of not being a boy. She is old enough to remember them leaving her, without explanation, out on the street to fend for herself. The first three times, she managed to find her way home. The final time her parents managed to leave her far enough away from everything she knew and loved that she could not find any way back.

Mr. Lijian was the one who took her in to the orphanage and showed her every kindness he could. Even after we adopted her, he maintained regular contact with us, and sought to do whatever was needed for her wellbeing.

To say that Xin Lijian is one of the finest and most heroic men, one of the greatest and most generous and brave spirits I know would be no exaggeration, just the simple truth.

He was arrested in the middle of the night by Chinese authorities and is being held without access to his lawyer.

Here are two articles on the matter:

Dear readers, Xin Linjian is my beloved daughter’s other father, the man in her life who stood by her, raised her, protected her, and who did not abandon her. He is a wise, generous and good man, and a family friend.

I would like you to pray for him.

UPDATE: We heard from Mr. Xin’s people last night. He was able to talk to his lawyer. He asks that people pray, but not take any steps to draw attention to the situation, so I am removing the request for people to contact their representatives.

But first pray.