Sci Phi Mag needs Us! (Shanghaied by Jagi)

Hey folks,

Jagi, here.  I learned this morning that Sci Phi Journal needs help.

For those who don’t know it, Sci Phi Journal offers science fiction stories that have a philosophy to them. It is one of the few periodicals offering a place to the kind of stories that Sad Puppies stood for…in fact, it was on the Hugo ballot this year, as was one of the stories that appeared in it (“On A Spiritual Plain” by Lou Antonelli).

Sci Phi offers a venue for the very kinds of stories that we all want to read but seldom get to see. It features some of the best new authors, like Josh Young and Brian Niemeyer, and a number of others. Both John and I have had stories appear in its pages.

It would be a real shame if it folded!

What can you all do to help?

If you should feel moved to make a donation, you can do so here. (The donate button is on the right. You may need to page down.)

Or, if you would like to help a good cause AND get some high quality fiction, you can buy the issue with John’s story:

My story, “HMS Mangled Treasure: The Rescue of Mr. Spaghetti”, takes place in the background of my Prospero series. It features Prospero Inc. foremost detective, Mab, facing car-stealing fairy pirates in Chicago.

You can get it here.

Other issues available here.

Also, prayers for Jason Rennie, the editor and publisher of Sci Phi Journal, would be really wonderful!

Thanks, folks!