Open Gates

Unfortunately I cannot embed or link to the video. The Powers That Be are taking steps to keep you from seeing it.

This was deliberately edited to create a certain emotional effect. Do not assume the news and other sources trying to create the opposite effect are not edited as deliberately.

No one should decide such an issue after hearing from only one side: that would be to heed the counsel for the defense without hearing the case of the prosecution.

Here is the discussion of why military action such as sending in ground troops or making a serious attempt to ‘get the bastards’ can never take place, despite America being the mightiest military power in history with no close seconds.

At about 1.30,  the Community Organizer in Chief refers to criticism of his appallingly nonexistent military strategy as ‘popping off’ and utters a string of childish nonsequiturs.

He does not mention that three fourths of the minuscule number of air sorties in the combat region flown each day return with the bombs undropped.

The comment immediately following was even more telling, but the above being from a leftwing “news” site, it was edited out.

He is not saying he does not want America to lead and does not want America to win. He is saying that those of us who do want that are uttering meaningless slogans, because this war is impossible for the sole hyperpower on Earth to win, or even to engage in any meaningful way. Totally impossible. It is impossible because, uh, you are a racist for asking why it is impossible.

And, of course, here is the prosecution’s argument in favor of an open door policy welcoming Jihadists and other Mohammedans into our nation:

Here is more evidence from the Prosecution:

Well, I am glad that settles that issue.

I am sure Saint James Matamoros is pleased to hear that Muslims are a peaceful and tolerant people. The people of Covadonga  and Granada in Spain, Tours in France, Vienna in Austria, Constantinople in an empire that no longer exists, not to mention Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea feel the same way. So too do the people working in the Twin Towers, the sailors aboard the SS Cole, visiting a nightclub in Bali, riding a Spanish railway, not to mention every Circassian beauty, every African slave, Thomas Jefferson and  Richard DaleRichard Morris, William Eaton,  Edward Preble, and all the men serving under them, Don Juan of Austria and all the men serving under him, Richard the Lionheart, Godfrey of Bullion and every Jew wherever situate in the world.

We all agree. Islamics have nothing whatsoever to do with the Islamic religion, Islamic history, Islamic political philosophy, the Islamic warrior culture, nor with the acts of Holy War which are one of the central duties of the faithful in Islam.

Not only to they have nothing to do with our current yet somehow unnamed enemies, they have nothing WHATSOEVER to do with them.

I would like to ask the Secretary of State who the Mohammedan has ever tolerated, or to what race or nation ever offered to live in peace?

I would also like to ask if she is actually so incredibly stupid as to believe the words issuing from her wrinkled leather mask she wears over her arachnid visage so as to pass for human, so incredibly arrogant as to believe any sane man credulous enough to believe such a whopper, or so incredibly evil as to aid and abet an enemy in wartime by spreading propaganda meant that so clearly serves their interest?

Personally, I would say allowing a flood of military-age young men into the nation, barbarians from barbaric cultures, forbidden by their laws under penalty of death to assimilate to our way life was all three at once.

These so-called refugees are members of the religious and political movement advocating submission to Allah and adoption of Shariah Law. We in the West call Islam a religion and pretend it is like a denomination of Anglicans or Baptists. It is not. It is something utterly alien to our culture: a theocratic totalitarian system expressly designed to make the whole society into a war machine that must expand, enslave and conquer until the end of the world.

In the movement called Submission, there is no separating the politics from the religion, no division into secular and spiritual power, no separation of mosque and state, no division between private belief and public civic virtue, nothing remotely like that.

In the West, no Roman Emperor ever claimed to be the Pope or one of the Apostles. In Islam, no Caliph or Sultan ever claimed not to be both the supreme secular and spiritual authority at once. In the West, Christ murdered not one single person, and his followers by and large follow that and take that as their rule. In the East, Mohammed was deceptive when he was weak, and a warrior and slave-taker when he was strong, torturing for money, raping women, glorying in murder and killing, and his followers by and large follow that and take that as their rule.

There is no figure like Saint Francis in all of Islam. If there is a sect or branch of Islam that practices pacifism like our Quakers, I have never heard of it, and cannot find traces of it.

While there are members of that movement who perhaps do not advocate immediate violence against nonbelievers, the historical record makes clear that at no time in the past have the nonviolent Mohammedans restrained the violent ones, or even attempted to do so.

There were no abolition societies during the centuries of Turkish slave trade. There were no Islamic suffragettes born in those lands. There were and are no Islamic pro-democracy movements — you mistake the character of the Arab Spring if you think the Imams overthrowing the Dictators was any such thing.

It is not a culture that favors peace or toleration.

The argument for the Prosecution coming from Grandma Alinsky is a bland denial of this, as outrageous and simple as any lie of Big Brother. It is an untruth meant to be so untrue that only the most perfectly loyal in the groupthink warren will pretend to believe, and the separate themselves from the imperfect.

So those are the two sides of the argument.

Those are the two visions of what the situation is. One side believes the flood of Mohammedans vowing to destroy us is an existential threat, and the other believes the weather is an existential threat.

Myself, I never understood even in theory what the case in favor of multiculturalism was supposed to be, aside from suicide on a civilization-wide scale.

Even if the prosecution is right, and the West does deserve to die on a civilizational scale, slide into a darkness from which no one will ever recover (for only Christendom has ever produced the science of archaeology), I would say it is better to resist, no matter how deserving the Progressives believe us to be to drown in blood, ourselves, our children, and our lady wives.

The Progressives are using the civilized restraint we offer them out of courtesy to let them speak to silence us and usher into our midst barbarians boasting of their powers to kill us.

Perhaps it is time to silence them. Materially abetting the enemy in time of war should, at least, revoke a citizen’s citizenship and his rights under the First Amendment.

But weigh both sides of the matter, put emotion aside, and come to a judgment that is just.