The Four C’s

I am as agog and aghast as all honest onlookers, psychopathologists, and men of good will at the inability of the Progressives to perceive even the slightest thistledown-weight of danger from the blood-sopped cave-dwelling death-cultists of Mohammed, who have been at war with Christianity since the days of Mohammed, and whose Holy Book, the Al Koran, commands in no uncertain terms that all infidels be converted at swordpoint or slain or enslaved.

The behavior of the Ishmaelites has not changed since the Bronze Age by an iota. Adopting Mohammedanism did not improve their character: they are the same Edomite and sons of Agog seen in the Bible, the deadly and unrelenting enemy of the Chosen People.

But to the Progressives, these troglodytes are the victims, not the aggressors, and their actions are the fault of Western powers: the fault, in short, of  Western economic and political, racial and religious institutions: Capitalism, Constitutional conservatism, Caucasians and Christians.

Examples are countless.

Haunting my journal here of late is a wide-mouthed loon whose anger was provoked at my rather bland and obvious comment that the victims in the Paris Jihad attacks were literally disarmed by French gun control laws, much in the same way students on campus are disarmed mentally and spiritually by what passes for modern education. When asked to explain his unclear yet frantic comments, he vented some elliptical yet vehement sentences about how certain ‘retrogressive’ elements — he meant Christians — were just as dangerous as the Jihad, if not more so.

Again, I encountered a political cartoon showing a caricature of a Conservative in the foreground, ranting against the danger that Syrian refugees may have Jihadist agents among them. A small child in the foreground sees an ominous figure looming up behind, with military-grade firearm slung at his shoulder. The looming, ominous figure wears a ballcap with labeled NRA.

Again, President Obama, in the shadow of the most recent of an endless series of Jihad attacks again promises to do nothing, or speaks in the dullest possible monotone about United States role in the Global Jihad, but grows animated and waxes indignant at Republican state governors.

Here are his words:

“We are not well served when, in response to a terrorist attack, we descend into fear and panic. We don’t make good decisions if it’s based on hysteria or an exaggeration of risks.

“When individuals say we should have a religious test, and that only Christians, proven Christians, should be admitted, that’s offensive.

“I cannot think of a more potent recruitment tool for ISIL than some of the rhetoric that’s been coming out of here in the course of this debate.

“ISIL seeks to exploit the idea that there’s war between Islam and the West, and when you start seeing individuals in positions of responsibility suggesting Christians are more worthy of protection than Muslims who are in a war-torn land, that feeds the ISIL narrative. It’s counterproductive. And it needs to stop.

“These are the same folks often times who’ve suggested that they’re so tough that, uh, just talkin’ to Putin or staring down ISIL or using some additional rhetoric somehow’s gonna solve the problems out there.

“But apparently they’re scared of widows and orphans coming into the United States of America as part of our tradition of compassion.

“First they were worried about the press being too tough on ’em during debates; now they’re worried about three-year-old orphans. That doesn’t sound very tough to me.

“… They’ve been playing on fear in order to try to score political points. Or to advance their agenda. And it’s irresponsible. And it’s contrary to who we are. And it needs to stop, because the world is watching.”

From here:

It is more than surprising to me that the quote is greeted with an f-bomb of applause by that site; and the comments beneath without exception applauded and affirmed the president’s petulant and whining wordgruel of folly as true leadership.

Of the many vile and stupid things this President has said, this is the most vile and the most stupid, and so far beneath the dignity of the office of President as to be a record low. He should be punched in the mouth, preferably by Dr. Ben Carson.

I have never been ashamed of being an American before. Now I am. That my fellow Americans would twice elect to office a man who could say such things diminishes my faith in democracy. Monarchy begins to look like the better option.

Mr. Obama answers the legitimate concerns of sane men not wishing to expose their nation and people to a breathtakingly obvious danger by calling his opposing political party rivals cowards afraid of three year olds.

It would insult children to call this insult childish.

In the same week when these remarks were made, President Obama released five more known Al-Qaeda terrorist war criminals from Gitmo. President Obama in an unconstitutional powegrab made a foreign treaty without the advice and consent of the Senate in order to deliver millions of dollars to Iran, whose leadership has vowed to use the money to build a nuclear weapon to wipe Israel off the map: a Holocaust in four minutes.

It is worth noting that one of the eight Jihadist responsible for the Paris massacre was a Syrian refugee; that in all fifty states, according to government sources, there are ongoing investigations of ongoing ISIS activity, some 900 cases all told; that the vast majority of these refugees are military-age young men; that 13%  of refugees poled support ISIS and presumably more do not admit it; and that there is no vetting process to separate terrorists from the civilian among whom they mingle without benefit of uniform.

It is worth noting that the Boston Marathon bombers were Muslim refugees welcomed into the this country by what Mr Obama calls our tradition of compassion. As for the vetting process, it is worth noting that the Russian government warned us by name of the two Muslim brothers who set off the Boston bombs, and our administration ignored the warnings.

The promise to vet the refugees to see who may or may not be a terrorist is akin to the promise that anyone who likes his doctor can keep his doctor, and akin to the assurance that the Benghazi attacks were triggered by an obscure antimuslim video rather than by the organized terrorism Obama claimed, for reelection purposed, to have contained, and akin to the assurance that two rogue IRS agents were behind the harassment of conservative protest parties.

Saying we have the ability to vet refugees from Syria is a lie so flatearthian in its audacity that the sheer shock to those hearing it, unable to believe that anyone would lie so transparently and so hugely, would silence objections.

It is also sadly necessary in this Dark Age in which we live to mention and repeat blindingly obvious matters no child should be allowed to pass the Fifth Grade without knowing: in this case, it is blinding obvious that the reason why civilized peoples put their soldiers in uniform is to prevent a civilized enemy from mistakenly harming noncombatants.

If, as a matter of policy, the Jihad hides its soldiers among its noncombatants, the civilized power at war with Jihad has no choice but to treat one and all as if they are soldiers. Any harm done to civilians is the fault of the Jihadists, not the civilized power. Any power too tenderhearted to shoot through the hostages to return fire to the savages hiding behind them in effect grants the savages immunity from retaliation.

We are all aghast at the inability of the Left to see any danger from the Jihad, but to see impending danger of infinite menace from Christians who adore Christ and respect the US Constitution.

Is there any danger?

Here is a partial list of the terror attacks just in the last 30 days. The alert reader will note this is roughly five a day.

The link below that list the previous years:

This list does not include anything from before 9/11, such as the first Twin Towers bombing, the Achille Lauro murder, where a man in a wheelchair was tossed into the sea to drown, or the Olympic hostages, Kobar Towers, various Chechnya suicide bombings, or the hostages taken under the Carter administration, or, for that matter, the Turkish genocide of the Armenian Christians, the Barbary Pirates, the conquest of Spain, and so on in an uninterrupted line back to the Seventh Century.

Please note the salient characteristic of all these attacks: they are always symbolic, and usually sneak attacks by men not in uniform against soft targets. Like the execution style slaying of the crippled in wheelchairs in the French theater, the targets and method of attack is selected to be as dishonorable, random, cruel, and horrific as possible. No targets, except by accident, have any military value whatsoever. When military targets are selected, it is for symbolic rather than military value.

These creatures are clearly more evil and despicable than Nazis, more cruel than Soviets, are more clearly racists, more clearly anti-Semites, and have not even the flimsy excuses of communists and fascists, who at least claimed to be attempting to better civilization here on earth, to justify their dark deeds. They suicidal in their reckless hatred. They hate us so much that they will commit suicide merely the hope of blowing apart innocent Jewish schoolgirls standing nearby.

And the Progressive, so proud of being widely read, broad minded, cosmopolitan and free of any whiff of bigotry, sees no danger, none whatsoever, from the Jihad, and fears everything and anything from Christians.

His hatred is the same as that of the Jihad, and his enemy is the same: Christ.

How can this be? We Christians have given the Progressives a civilization of unparalleled wealth and liberty. They routinely side with the Mohammedan barbarians, and excuse or ignore the bloodshed, terror, death, rapine, and barbarism.

According to Progressives, there is no original sin. All men can be improved by Darwinian evolution, social evolution, education and the compassionate leadership of the moral elite until they reach perfection. Perfection can be achieved rapidly, provided the enlightened leadership is obeyed in all matters down to the smallest detail of your life, your words, your deeds and your thoughts. Nothing is neutral, nothing is too small to be beyond the need for your betters to place it under their control. Nothing is apolitical.

Because there is no original sin in the Progressive system, all suffering must arise from the institutions of civilization. To be specific, in a semiliterate misunderstanding of Darwin, human societies are said to ‘evolve’, that is to say, to move by trial and error in the general direction of inferior to superior, driven by mystical forces of history. The flaws in human institutions hence are caused by an insufficiency of evolutionary pressure, that is, a lack of the wars and internal social breakdowns that drive social evolution to ever higher and more enlightened forms. This theory makes so little sense one is tempted to conclude it is not meant to. One assumes it is meant only to sound impressive and justify violence.

In Marx’s day, the emphasis was particularly to criticize and abolish the institution of private property. After World War Two, Marxists abandoned the criticism of private property and instead criticized the institutional racism allegedly innate in every Western legal and cultural traditions.

Later, this criticism was transferred to the relations between the sexes, and a new yet breathtakingly meaningless term, ‘sexism’, was coined to express the concept that race hatred akin to antisemitism exists between men and women. As if sex were a race. Or something. One assumes the word is not meant to convey a meaning, merely provoke a Pavlovian response.

Later again, this criticism was transferred to sexual perversions, with other terms coined to make decency sound not merely bad, but a product of mental disease, and to make mental disease sound like an arbitrary yet personal decision of which direction to go: homophobia, sexual orientation, cisgendered, heteronormative, and other jabberwocky. That these words have come into common use and have the power to persuade the unwary is a continual affirmation of P.T. Barnum’s observation that there is a sucker born every minute.

The significant point is that Progressives are radicals, that is, they do not seek to reform social institutions but to destroy them to the root. The word ‘radical’ means addressing the root of the problem. All Western Institutions from church to bank to marriage to law courts have to be razed to the ground and remade from bottom to top, radically transformed, and replaced with a fairytale utopia.

That the idea of radical obliteration directly contradicts the idea of evolution proceeding by small and hesitant steps of trial and error need not concern us, as it does not concern the Progressives. Logic is not their forte.

Theirs is not a rational theory, not a political theory, not an economic theory. It is a search for the meaning of life and an answer to the deep question of what is human nature and what causes human suffering and what can cure it. It is, in short, an ersatz religion. That it is an irreligious religion does not concern the Progressives. Logic is not their strong suit.

It is the opposite answer given by Christianity.

Progressivism says Man never sinned, and is not sinful by nature: God says Man did, and is.

Progressives claim that they can make Man perfect once they have absolute power over all parts of human life down to the least stray and private thought, or, in other words, humans can be forced to be perfect once all freedom is removed. God says Man’s will is free, and that perfection is not to be found in this world.

Progressivism says Western Civilization, that is, Christendom, is the source of sin. Everyone outside Christendom is blameless, a victim of Europe, and all woman and perverts inside Christendom are likewise victims of various forms of oppression. God says Christ is the only salvation, that no one is blameless, that all are victims, not just of human but also of hellish oppressors.

Progressivism says a Glorious Leader and Worldly Messiah will arise to lead the oppressed to violent and bloody victory over their oppressors, which include the whole system of the world, all its laws and customs.

No Glorious Leader ever accomplishes utopia, or, for that matter, leaves his nation better than he found it, or even leaves it intact. This is always blamed on the insufficiency of the political will of the loyalists and the disloyalty of saboteurs. It is always promised that more bloodshed will solve the problem more mass-liquidations.

100 million innocent deaths is not enough. Once enough people are killed by Stalin, by Che, by Castro, by Mao, and killed and killed and killed until the seas runs pink with blood, the great goddess History will be pleased with the blood of the multi-genocidal human sacrifices, and that the New Jerusalem will descend from heaven and abolish the law of supply and demand, the law of cause and effect, prices, wages, and scarcity of resources or labor, and that all goods and services will be free in infinite abundance forevermore hereafter and amen.

God says Christ is the Messiah, and He sacrificed Himself, not an innocent bystander, to save you. The blood that had been shed is enough.

Now, not all Progressives admit or know these are the beliefs of their church just as not all Catholics have read the Catechism. There are ignoramuses in their church as in ours, and differences of opinions on some things. But what the official organs of the church teach has remained always the same.

The difference is that the leaders of our Church actually try to teach us and tell us what Christ teaches; the leaders of Progressivism are ashamed of their goals and means, and so they try to gain the loyalty of their followers without telling the followers their theory, their strategy, or their ends. Ironically, it is Progressivism that is based on blind faith and demands blind faith in its followers, but not Christianity.

Nonetheless, Progressivism will never die out, not as long as men are human, because no other philosophy has been so fruitful in inventing reasons to do immoral acts large and small in the name of an alleged higher morality. No other system cloaks envy as altruism, violence as evolutionary dynamism. No other system has been so successful in marrying perfect evil to perfect self-righteousness.

Because of the deceptive nature of leadership, many a Progressive follower not only has no knowledge of what he believes, he will hotly deny it. The degree to which this self deception is willful on the part of its victims is hard to say, perhaps impossible.

One supposes that a follower who successfully deceives himself into believing the outrageous lies of the leadership will sincerely believe the deception, and that only the unsuccessful know they are deceiving themselves and thus are hypocrites. I am not sure how it works.

Those Progressive followers who deny the violent nature of Progressivism can be contradicted by three small words: Occupy Wall Street. Those who deny its totalitarian busy-body nature and antinomian morality can be contradicted by two: Political Correctness.

Political Correctness, after all, is nothing other than lying for the sake of the Party under the theory that the ends justify the means. Since Utopia is the desired end goal, any degree of dishonesty is not only justified, the reactionaries have no one to blame but themselves for being lied to, since it is their institutions that cause all human suffering.

So, when a hard core Progressive is elected to office, he carries out his program as a man of his rather limited experience but natural gift for rhetoric must carry it out.

The Progressive theory is that Western Civilization is the cause of human suffering, specifically,

(a) the institution of private property called Capitalism

(b) the institutions of jury-made law and federalism, limited government, respect for law and order, called Constitutionalism

(c) the moral norms of the West, chastity and sobriety, monogamy and monotheism, derived from nowhere other than Christianity

(d) institutions alleged to be racists or to perpetuate racism by means of White Privilege, a scarecrow boogerman we might as well called Caucasianism.

The Progressive claim to oppose racism, but they obviously approve of racism when and where it is found in non-White races. It is the alleged loyalty of all white races to the alleged common interest all white races share that the Progressive opposes. This loyalty to the White Race we can refer to by the coined term Caucasianism.

These are the Four C’s that Progressive theory identifies as the source of human suffering.

The main racist nation, according to this theory, is the US, and the main mission of the Progressives is to remove the US from world hegemony and world domination: we must lose our superpower status in order to become weak hence no longer a source of human suffering. But weakening the US will also diminish Christianity, harm Capitalism, and abolish Constitutional government now and forever.

Mr. Obama is a devout Progressive. Do not wonder why he had done nothing effective against the Jihad, and, indeed, has done much to aid and abet their aims. They are not his enemy.

You are.

You doubt me? Let us look at his record of leadership, and see what he has actually accomplished.

Whether this is motivated by frantic hatred of the United States or a sincere concern that the United States, as well as the rest of the world, will be better off once all human evils are abolished and utopia descends from the buttocks of the Progressive is a moot question. It is like asking about the patriotism of a traitor who betrays his country to save his country from some alleged worse danger: who cares? An investigation of the labyrinthine snarl of excuses, emotions, neurosis and mental blind spots needed to embrace such paradoxes need not concern us here.

(a) Capitalism: Mr. Obama’s first act as president under the guise of bailing out large Wall Street banks was to seize General Motors, several major banks, the student loan industry, and by torturous and convoluted set of unconstitutional maneuvers, the sum total of the health care insurance industry.

The mission is accomplished, at least insofar as a mere eight years can oversee. The US had been fundamentally Capitalist with many ‘mixed economy’ socialist intrusions in an around the time of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Now the US is fundamentally run on the economic theory correctly called fascism or cronyism, with some remaining pockets of Capitalism slowly shrinking.

Does anyone imagine, for example, that these days a new automobile company would be allowed to be founded anywhere in US territory?

The national debt is sufficient to make a major depression inevitable, perhaps even a worldwide economic collapse: it is inevitable, given the ignorance of the American public, that this collapse will be blamed on Capitalism, and the free world will embrace the Chinese model of a limited private sector, but all major industries controlled by the state, for the state, for the benefit of the elite and their friends.

(b) Constitutionalism: the use of executive orders and unconstitutional maneuvers to make treaties, change laws after they are passed by Congress, abridge laws by refusing to enforce them, ignore laws, and so on and on is not an accident. The point is to make the system no longer able to operate as well as to desecrate the constitutional system to the point where no one, Left or Right, believes it can, should, or will work any longer.

In each case, the illegal acts are ones calculated to endanger the republic, so that the other branches of government, or the states, must react in defiance eventually amounting to open rebellion or else continuing to do nothing while the electorate is replaced by Mexican or Jihadist mobs. He wins either way.

Total collapse of the Constitutional system close to happening, but how close cannot be said beforehand. Once total collapse occurs, and states and municipalities are in total and open rebellion against the federal government, we will see how much pressure it took to snap it.

(c) Christian moral norms: Sodomy marriage is now a constitutional right in all fifty states, and all public images and rituals showing respect to the Christian faith are slowly being obliterated, replaced by holidays and public honors shown to Islam. The Little Sisters of the Poor have to pay for abortions and contraceptives. So, mission accomplished here, too. Christianity is dying in America, and is dead in Europe.

If Christianity is not openly outlawed in this generation, it will be outlawed by the time all the Eloi indoctrinated by modern college safe-space speech codes come of age and assume the mantle of leadership. They will no longer be able to understand, even in theory, why someone should be permitted to worship in a fashion that causes wounded feelings in others.

(d) Caucasianism: the racism of white racists is to be overthrown by race riots.

We have seen some violence, and I am sure Mr. Obama is puzzled why there has not been the general uprising and coast to coast bloodletting Marxist theory predicts will happen. Occupy Wall Street and the Black Lives Matter movements, and the general turmoil deliberately created by the holodeck-illusion called the news have taken deep root. Eight years is not long enough to make the least racist nation in history into a European nation, but the huge strides we have made in this direction frankly are terrifying. Race Wars within the decade.

With all this now understood, the answer to question 1 is obvious: Mr Obama does not seek to thrust the United States into a leadership position in the Global Jihad because he thinks that position is bad for the world and perhaps (but this is secondary) bad for us. It would make the United States powerful and significant, a mover and a shaker, when the cure for the world’s suffering is to eliminate America insofar as possible.

Is any Islamic terror group dangerous? To America and to Western Civilization, yes. To Progressives, no.

(a) Mohammedanism is not capitalist but very much the opposite. Shariah Law is more restrictive about usury and grants less security in the ownership of property than any legal system known to man. The reason why the Middle East remains undeveloped is this, and nothing else: their laws discourage and penalize the investment of capital and the improvement of land.

(b) Shariah law is not only not a constitutional system, it is the opposite. It provides unlimited government, a theocracy, with no role for liberty and no role for checks and balances. If anything, Shariah is more totalitarian than fascism.

(c) Christian. No one is a more vehement, ruthless, cruel, sadistic, sick and perverted enemy of Christianity for more centuries in more numbers than Mohammed and his creatures can possibly exist. Progressives delight in antichristianity.

(d) Caucasian. The Mohammedanism is a faith and not a race, but the Progressives see everything through the lens of race, and so, to them, it is a race.

So on on all four points, Capitalism, Constitutional government, Christianity and Caucasianism, the Mohammedans are not  threat to the Progressive program of progressive destruction of the West, but an aid.