I am Famous Now!

Mark Levin “The Great One” just read one of my columns on the air, thanks to Instapundit.

Of course, he got my name wrong (John C. Cartwright) and he caught a spelling error I had made (‘come’ should be ‘some’). Ah, well. The price of fame.

If you want to find a podcast of it, it is his Dec 07 show, right about an hour and a half from the end.

More to the point, the Superversive SF site asked me to do a podcast with them. You can listen to me talking over people, interrupting them, not listening, and disagreeing with everything, including ‘hello.’

It went this way. Him: “Hello, Mr. Wright!” Me (crossly): “What do you mean by ‘Hello’? Define your terms!”

Meanwhile, on another topic, those who want to repeal the Second Amendment do not seem to be able to base their conclusions on scientific evidence: