#JeSuisMilo Part Deux

Milo says: Twitter’s hate speech policy is that they hate speech.

More on Twitterbraingate:

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The Twitter employee who made the decision was finally identified: a Morlock who took exception to an anti-feminist message by Milo. So it was just an arbitrary insult delivered by a leftnut in order to intimate a non-leftnuts.

It was Thought Policework. It was “Shut Up, he explained.” It was and is the only argument ever offered by the Leftnuts: a demand that the rest of the shut up and let Leftnut lies flourish unchallenged. Because global warming will kill us all, but Islamic Jihadists flooding your country unchecked will never rape your sister, wife, daughter and son, and you are as racist as f*** for fearing they might.

Isn’t this the same twitter that refuses to suspend ISIS terrorist accounts?

And Twitter, as per Vox’s Three Rules of SJWs, simply doubled down. When the hashtag #JeSuisMilo topped number one, Twitter simply stopped reporting its popularity.

Here is the Breitbart article.


There is continued concern that Twitter’s user growth is flatlining, and this will not be helped by a perception that it is biased against critics of progressivism and feminism like Yiannopoulos, particularly at a time when both movements are increasingly unpopular with the public.

My comment:  I hate bullies because they are cruel, and I hate crybabbies because they are weak. The modern Morlock and SocJus Thoughtcop manages to combine both into one freakish package of ghastly brainlard, heavily salted with hypocrisy, humorlessness, and a love of whatever is sick, ugly, filthy, perverse, or hellish.

That they moreover think of themselves as smarter than their fathers but they are parochial, provincial, unlettered just makes them both dreary and dangerous. They are the Yahoos of Houyhnhnmland.

(Too frequently these self anointed geniuses are dogmatic materialists too stump-stupid to see the self-disproving nature of their dogma.)

John Stossel on a related topic (h/t to Mike Flynn)