John C Wright Endorses The Devil

My latest article at EveryJoe is up. Despite how early in the election cycle it is (I usually start thinking about whom to support in late October) my editor asked me to endorse one candidate or another, so I held my nose and picked one. One candidate, I mean, not one nose.

When deciding which candidate for the Presidential nomination to support, one should take a step back, look at the larger picture of where we stand in the tragic debacle called history, and take both the long-term strategic goals into account as well as the short-term tactics.

The big picture is a dark one indeed.

America, as the world’s sole superpower, is effectively beyond the strength of any foreign enemy to defeat, or even to wound severely. We cannot be killed, that is the good news.

But we have committed suicide. That is the bad news. We have already swallowed the cold poison, soaked in the tubs, and slashed our wrists. The question is whether enough time remains – even as the warm, fuzzy, comfortable sensation of numbness comes over us and urges us to close our eyes – to rouse ourselves, vomit out the poison killing us, and bind up our wounds to stop the bleeding.

Even the destruction of the Twin Towers, which killed as many Americans as a Civil War battlefield, was due not to the cunning and might of the enemy, but to political correctness that forbade the government officers who allowed the terrorists into our nation to expel or investigate them, for fear of being called racist.

The shootings in San Bernardino likewise were due not to cleverness or strength, but to the politically correct unwillingness of a suspicious neighbor to report the arsenal she saw being gathered.

The case Ahmed the Clockmaker is even more instructive: a Muslim boy brought a mock bomb to a school as a prank, and, after being warned, displayed it to teachers who were required during wartime to treat all terrorist threats as real. He found himself suddenly invited to the White House, and lavished with praise and adoration for achieving the one supreme felicity political correctness holds up as the goal of all life: to be the victim of racism.

What does one conclude from this firestorm of evil and nonsense?

The proper conclusion is there are two religions, two cultures, and two Americas in America. One is the real America, lived by real people living their real lives. These Americans believe in individual liberty, the free market, the rule of law and the Word of God.

The other is a sick delusion that is created and maintained by the press, by the academics, by the entertainment industry, and by flocks of hysterical liars. In this America, a patriarchy of white, straight Christian males ruthlessly and by numberless invisible and undetectable evil magic spells oppresses, robs, cheats, rapes, and kills all its helpless and saintly victims.

But, by the twisted logic of modern Leftwing lunacy (a doctrine called intersectionism) everyone is also an oppressor in turn, so that a black Christian is an oppressor of heathens and homosexuals merely by virtue of his Christianity; a homosexual male oppresses women merely by virtue of being male; a white woman oppresses blacks merely by virtue of being white; all hale people oppress all cripples merely by virtue of being non-crippled; all sane people oppress all crazies merely by virtue of being neurotypical; all non-perverts oppress all perverts merely by virtue of being cisnormative.

The religion of the real America is anything within the Judeo-Christian tradition. The religion of delusional America is Political Correctness. The real Americans love America, see it as a shining city on a hill, and as the last best hope for human liberty on the planet. The Delusional Americans see America as the only evil in the world, a pathless forest of monsters and boogermen, and the only threat to the planet.

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