An Open Letter to George Will

Dear Mr. Will,

I read in your recent column the following:

Donald Trump’s damage to the Republican Party, although already extensive, has barely begun. Republican quislings will multiply, slinking into support of the most anti-conservative presidential aspirant in their party’s history. These collaborationists will render themselves ineligible to participate in the party’s reconstruction.

There is no polite reply to give to a man who calls me, and all men like me, who have been rock-ribbed loyal Republican for decades, and who have donated time and treasure to support candidates of whom you approved, by such vile and unseemly names now that it your turn to support a candidate of whom the majority of our fellow GOP voters approve, but not the establishment, and not you.

Mr. Trump was not my first, nor my second, nor my third choice. However, his policy positions are not noticeably less conservative than those of anyone in the Bush clan, for example. Nor is he promoting or promising a radical transformation of America, as Obama, the person with whom quislings in the GOP establishment collaborated, at times with enthusiasm. Please note that this makes your denunciation of us as traitors and traducers an ironic hypocrisy on your part, sir.

Mr. Trump, in my opinion, has many negatives and weaknesses. His sole strength is that he will resist political correctness and resist the loathly reptiles of the press, a feat that the Republican establishment to date has not even attempted.

I am not a Trump supporter, but I will support him as the nominee because I am a supporter of the Republican Party, which, as you have so unambiguously revealed to us, you are not.

You are a member of that unnamed party which welcomes cooperation between Republican and Democrat elites to the detriment of their mutual victims and foes, the non-elite. You are a member of the Co-Dominion Uniparty, the party of collaboration.

You are the one, not I, who is not to be invited hereafter to participate in the party’s reconstruction. It needs reconstruction because and only because you sabotaged it and broke its spine.

You betrayed the party’s base to the Washington and Wall Street elite, and now you make a show of fettle over a populist whose sole controversial stance is his willingness to enforce existing immigration laws, and maintain national sovereignty.

You could have chosen other words, your mewling whelp. Now, when someone says, “I cannot in good conscience vote for Mr. Trump because I do not vote for the lesser of two evils” or who says, “I cannot in good conscience vote for Mr. Trump because I deem more dangerous to the Republic than Hillary” he is speaking his conscience, and I respect that. To such men I say: go your way with my good will, and vote as your conscience guides you. Our difference are a matter of a judgment call, not of logic, and in matters of judgment reasonable men can differ.

But when he says, as you did, “Your support of Trump makes you akin to Quisling, a Nazi collaborator” you have stepped over the brink, and I will not put out my hand to save you as you fall.

And fall you must, for you have broken faith with us.

The communists, socialists, and leftists generally show admirable party discipline, because they understand that, as a rule, subverting Western civilization is a process that requires many false steps, doubling back, setbacks, detours, and compromises.

So the Dems will, without blinking, overnight, go from being avid and public supporters, say, of Hitler or the KKK, but then the next day be avowed enemies of Hitler (the moment he breaks with Stalin) and avowed enemies of the KKK (who will now retroactively always have had been Republicans, somehow). Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.

A mob cannot beat an organized legion. A conservative mob cannot beat a coherent Democrat machine.

Is there is single Bernie voter, even one, who quit the Dem party because Hillary will win the nomination? Is there even one Bernie voter who would not drive a hundred miles in a hailstorm and crawl over broken glass to cast his ballot for Hillary?

The answer is, no, none, not one.

The Bernie voter might think that the Zweihander of Bernie is a better blade than the crooked scimitar of Hillary wherewith to savage and plunder their deadly foes, the American people, but doubt not that savaging the plundering their foes is the sole purpose and delight.

They will close ranks.

Why won’t we?

I have obeyed party discipline my whole life, and held my nose, and pulled the lever one time after another after another for bland and hopeless candidates, Dole, McCain, Romney.

If Cruz had won my party’s nomination, I would have pulled the lever for him with great enthusiasm. (Far more enthusiasm, frankly, than I could ever muster for a P.T. Barnum huckster like Mr. Trump.) Mr. Cruz is the only principled conservative candidate I have seen in politics in my lifetime.

Likewise, now  that the Trump wins the nomination, the rivalry between Republican candidates must cease, and all Republicans worthy of the name must come to the aid of their party.

We must close ranks.

That is the deal. There is no point in having a party, no point in counting votes, otherwise.

If you only obey the rule or follow the nominee if you win the vote, and disobey when your side loses, then you should never have voted in the first place.

Because it is fraud otherwise. You shoot craps, but only collect the winnings if you win? If you lose, you keep your wager in your wallet? Hardly honest.

By voting at all, you agree to the deal.

Imagine if everyone, or even a large segment of the people, acting this way at the general election: imagine if the Dem all publicly announced treason and rebellion if the GOP candidate becomes president, or likewise imagine the GOP announcing no laws passed by Dem majorities in state or federal legislatures will be obeyed. That is the end of the Republic.

I once had the highest possible respect for you, sir. But your current childish conduct and treasonous words are unforgivable and appalling.

Your selfishness is the end of the Republican party, at least insofar as one man can do.

Thanks to you and those like you, the Dems win. Hail, horrors! Hail, socialism! Hail, endless Obamatopia! Political Correctness replaces human speech. Prepare yourself for the boot trampling a human face forever.

I don’t care if you like the deal, I don’t care if you hate the deal. If you voted in the primary, that is the same as if you put your hand on the Bible and swore upon your own damnation that you would support the deal however the majority decided.

The majority has spoken. And you are forsworn if you break faith with them, a perjurer as damnable as any Clinton.

Ah, but I read further in your column, sir:

Republican voters, particularly in Indiana and California, can, by supporting Cruz, make the Republican convention a deliberative body rather than one that merely ratifies decisions made elsewhere, some of them six months earlier. A convention’s sovereign duty is to choose a plausible nominee who has a reasonable chance to win, not to passively affirm the will of a mere plurality of voters recorded episodically in a protracted process.

Since I am one of those voters whose mere plurality was recorded episodically, you now think it right and just to deprive me of my vote?

You scoffed at Reagan and opposed him. The National Review, once a bastion of conservatism, drummed out Anne Coulter for the effrontery of being correct about religion; and drummed out John Derbyshire for being correct about race. And now you drum out everyone else willing to abide by party discipline.

If you drum the party base out of the party, you, not the party, are no longer in the party.

To the outer darkness with you and yours.