Hear, Hear

Here is another man’s opinion on the desecration of Captain America I’d like to bring to your attention. Mr. Tanaka pens a column titled Why What Happens to Captain America Matters

A few choice quotes:

But the triviality of it is precisely what makes it important, because it is in such things that the real mindset of these people is revealed. Someone might be hesitant to claim that anyone who is concerned about millions of Muslims flooding Europe is literally a Nazi is less hesitant to put their words into the mouth of a fictional character who is a Nazi. Nick Spencer, the man who produced this offal, might not care to claim in public that he believes America is an essentially evil nation, but by turning Captain America into a Nazi, he’s essentially saying that in the oblique language of literature.

You see, fiction and art and “pop culture” in general are the weak spots in the dam of civilization. They are the points where the flood of chaos and barbarism can most easily work its way through and subvert the whole structure. And they are weak precisely because they are trivial: because most people don’t pay attention to them, or think it worth protesting when writers slip in a poisonous idea.

Clearly the desire here is to say to readers “America and Nazism are basically the same thing, and anyone who claims to stand for freedom and justice and right is a self-righteous hypocrite trying to control you. Avoid anything that smacks of self-sacrifice or objective truth or liberty and turn to self-indulgence and the self-centered disinterestedness in your fellow man that goes by the name of ‘tolerance.’”

At least, that’s the message I get from this move.

Possibly I’m wrong and this is just a cheap attempt to grab some publicity by violating a beloved piece of American culture and then preening yourself for doing so. It’s still evil, only now it’s the evil of someone so self-obsessed that he doesn’t even comprehend the idea of conveying a message …

Our culture today is black and growing blacker. It’s a polluted river that flows thick with the raw sewage spewed from diseased minds, and it will remain that way as long as we’re reluctant to point out how vile it is because we think it’s too trivial to mention.

By all means, read the whole thing: