Trump the Nominee

The Associated Press carries the news:

It’s official – Trump reaches the magic number of Republican delegates to clinch nomination. Donald Trump now has 1,238 delegates in the latest Associated Press tally of primary results and the intentions of the other party delegates. Trump was put over the top in the Associated Press delegate count by a small number of the party’s unbound delegates who told the AP they would support him at the convention.

It is possible that the unbound delegates would change their votes beforehand, but, if not, this means the two jokers who heckled me for saying Mr. Trump had the majority, when he only had a plurality, provided one counted votes not yet cast, can shut their pie-eating holes now. Barring a freaking change of fortunes, there will not be a brokered convention.

I am not a Trump fan, but I am a fan of his fans. I trust the common sense of the common man, and the common man is sick of being lied to, and about.

Here is a video that made me chuckle.

The video maker adds: Just to clarify some things, the three members of the establishment coming to meet Trump in the beginning are, from left to right: Sumner Redstone, owner of MTV, Viacom, Paramount pictures and various other media channels Ben Shapiro, conservative columnist whom I’ll admit has written and produced some good material, but I believe he’s shown his true colors as controlled opposition in regards to Trump Michael Eisner, CEO of the Walt Disney company, which also is one of the major owners of the US mass media.

Even those who dislike Mr. Trump should think carefully and rigorously to discover what is the source of his appeal.

The Republican voter is sick of voting for Republicans in name only, who then go to Washington, make excuses, and do nothing to shut down the government. The Tea Party fiscal conservatives are weary of endless backbiting and betrayal by GOP establishment figures. Whatever else Mr. Trump is or is not, he is not an establishment Republican.

We are all, Republican or not, all of us heartily and deeply sick of Leftwing racists calling us racist because we are antiracists, we who want a colorblind society where a man is judged on the content of his character, not the color of his skin.

We are all of us heartily and deeply sick of Leftwing baby-killers protesting, mocking, feminizing and dismantling our military, while calling our soldiers and heroes baby-killers.

We are all of us of us heartily and deeply sick of Leftwing fruit baskets spending our grandchildren into unrecoverable debt, and then lying about how sound the economy is. You morons have brought us to the point where it will take a minor miracle to prevent the Yuan from becoming the default currency of the international banking system, and a major miracle to prevent a second Great Depression.

And that Depression happened to grown ups, who worked their way out of debt by hard work. The coming Depression will happen to lazy and self-absorbed children, degenerates and weaklings who hate the free market and do not understand how ‘work’ works. They will riot if not feed bread and circuses from Caesar’s hand. Every city will be Detroit, and every township Ferguson.

If Mr. Trump seem to you, dear reader, to be a horrible candidate, you are entitled to your opinion. I, for one, will not say you have no cause for deep doubts.

But you are not entitled to blame anyone but the blameworthy for the Union having come to this sad pass. Whose fault is it that the voters turn to Trump?

The reason why Mr. Trump’s affairs with women mean nothing to the voters, is that the Press, to protect Mr. Clinton during his rape and adultery scandals, made the issue of sexual malfeasance a numb issue.

No one cares about a man’s moral character when he stands for office.

The reason why Mr. Trump’s lack of experience in politics means nothing, is that the Press, to protect Mr. Obama from being vetted, made the issue of inexperience a numb issue.

No one care about a candidate’s competence.

The reason why the alleged violence at Mr. Trump’s rallies is not an issue is that the Press, in order to protect and promote Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street while demonizing the Tea Party, made the issue of political violence is numb issue. The Left riots all the time, and the Right never does, never has, and we are overdue to start. So if the political civility has broken down into fisticuffs, it is because the Press has called for it, sacrificed the virgin to it, and opened the brass jar holding the genii.

No one cares about political violence. The Press had coarsened the political discourse now to the level of a barroom brawl.

What are the other objections to him? That he is authoritarian? That the Press has told you, by splicing together separate things he has said, that he is the next Hitler? Bugger that. Everyone I know, male and female, white and black, Jew and Christian, has been called Hitler by the Left more often than I heard them say “Bless you” after a sneeze.

The typical conversation with a Leftist and anyone goes like this:

“Good Morning, Leftist. How are you?”

“You’re Hitler, thank you. How are you?”

“Fine, thank you. Nice weather we are having.”

“Yes, it is a fine day to destroy Israel, burn the Jews! I yearn to see fair-skinned Jewesses raped repeatedly by Palestinians in front of young children, but you, not I, are Hitler.”

“Sorry, did you say you wanted to burn the Jews?”

“Hail the Muslim A-Bomb! No, no, I was just pointing out that Muslims are people too, and not all Muslims are terrorists. You believe that because you are racist.”

“But, uh, Islam is a religion, not a race.”

“I was just reading MEIN KAMPF. Hitler said the same thing.”


“You’re Hitler!”

So, telling me Trump is Hitler, telling me Bush is Hitler, telling me Reagan is Hitler, and telling me the Tea Party is Hitler had etiolated that word of its shock value, to the point where, that I would not believe a Leftist if he told me Hitler was Hitler.

If you think Mr. Trump will be worse than Mrs. Clinton, I ask you to compare: Mrs. Clinton made sure Mark Basseley Youssef was blamed for her failures at Ben Ghazi. He was then and is now in jail, a political prisoner of convenience for the administration. Tell me who Mr. Trump has falsely jailed, and keeps in jail, to serve as his scapegoat?

Tell me the name of anyone Mr. Trump has had shot and the body dumped in Fort Marcy Park?

Tell me the name of even one child rapist Mr. Trump aided to escape the law, or rape victim he intimidated into silence?

Tell me whether Mr. Trump ever violated dozens of national security principles and laws by maintaining top secret and eyes only materials on a private server?

Tell me how much money Mr. Trump has made from private speaking fees and donations to his charitable foundation, money coming from special interests, global corporations, and the House of Saud?

I could go on in like manner for years, but I will spare my patient reader.

Mr. Trump is now the presumptive nominee. Like it or not, the choice is between him, and someone more corrupt and venal than Obama, with a greater need to destroy this country and a deeper desire.

He was not my first choice, or second, or third. Or fourth. But to stay home is the same as voting for the nation to fall all the way off the cliffs of insanity atop which the lying, deceptive and dishonest Press has us currently tottering.

The Press hates him and lies about him. That should be reason enough to vote for him.

Another video from a fan, a gentleman named Leo Dunson.