Guest Blog from the Wizard

A comment from regular longtime reader Robert J. Wizard, which I thought worthy of a spotlight:

People are pretty sick mentally. Think of how affected a mind is under the modernist mentality. Not bragging, but I understood clearly what had happened in the first sentence of the first news source I heard about this. It was no advanced powers of deductive reasoning, nor a prejudice. Just the most rudimentary ability to recognize the starkly obvious. As obvious as ascertaining whether there is or is not someone in front of you speaking to you at a specific time or not.

Imagine a large living room full of screaming teenagers and Jason Voorhees is there butchering them with his machete. Every time he descends upon a victim, a progressive holds the poor victim still, proclaiming, “Jason is not your enemy! He’s a man of peace!” And when the freshly slain victim smacks against the floor the progressive points her finger at a cringing group of people against the back wall. They consist of a nun, a priest, the milkman, and a nondescript straight white male in his 30’s who goes to church. “They are your enemy!” shrieks the progressive. And every time one of the hapless victims says, “I’m pretty sure Jason is our enemy!” He is booed and cowed into submission which is all that is necessary for the modern to be blinded and join the zombie line.


I also have a Facebook account and the reactions there were sickening. The sneering hate directed for those that offer prayers and thoughts was disturbing. Comic relief was present too as one historically ignorant person suggested a 5000 year ban on religion. This person apparently unaware of atheism’s gruesome track record. But perhaps he meant something a little less bloody… the French Revolution perhaps.