Happy Independence Day!

Of course, I mean Happy Independence for Great Britain, which wisely voted to exit the European Union. I rejoice for the good fortune of my brethren across the sea.

Meanwhile, here in America, the Supreme Court has declared the Constitution unconstitutional, and declared itself to be an unelected super-legislature able to legislate wherever and whatever it will for any reason it will. The Executive has declared itself able, with a a pen and a phone, to make laws as a second super-legislative body, but also to have the discretion not to enforce any laws for whatever reason it sees fit, or for no reason. We are expecting the FBI to announce any moment that the laws which bind all other officers of the Federal Government regarding security and secrecy of documents do not apply to Hillary Clinton, on the grounds that the uniform and impartial enforcement of equal laws equally is partisanship. Meanwhile the Congress, by failing to pass a budget and failing to declare war, has ceded its law-making authority to anyone who wishes to take it up. They have redefined their purpose to be a host for sit-ins and other student-like demonstrations.

Our government has failed in its core and basic functions of government, which is to keep the peace and enforce the law. Political Correctness permits and encourages Muslim fundamentalists, persons know to law enforcement to have terrorist leanings and ties, to walk freely among us, buy firearms, select targets in a gun free zone, and open fire. Fear of being called racist has he administration silence the FBI who otherwise would have passed warnings to local law enforcement. Fear of being called racism hinders the police from acting. Fear of being called racist prevents the friends and neighbors of the Muslim Jihadists from calling the police. Political Correctness is killing Americans, and has been since before 9/11. And when a jihadist mass shooting happens, the National Rifle Association is blamed, not the jihadist who did the act, and not the government who willing and deliberately chose not to interfere. Political Correctness is never blamed, even though it is clearly the proximate cause.

Instead, the government uses the Internal Revenue Service to harass and shut down conservative charities and political associations, and used the taxing power as an excuse for seizing control of the medical insurance industry, which is used in turn to force Roman Catholic Nuns to aid and support contraception and abortion. And the government is quick to jail or punish anyone who does not demean and insult the Christian religion by issuing a marriage license, bake a wedding cake, or host a celebration aiding and abetting the immoral and unnatural sexual abomination of sodomy.

Compared to what the current Feds impose on us, what King George imposed was as nothing. That sufficed to stir our ancestors to mutiny and armed rebellion. Will anything stir us? Or is the Spirit of America as dead as our detractors claim?

What would it take?

Why is our nation being destroyed right in front of our eyes? Why they doing it? What is the motive?

The motive the Right, who have done nothing to stop the process and will do nothing, that I do not know and cannot fathom. The case on the Left is fairly clear.

There is an inner ring and an outer ring to the Left. The inner ring are Morlocks, who know what they are doing, and the outer ring are useful idiots, Eloi, who are merely food animals for the Morlocks. The Eloi are motivated by three things: Leftism promises that anyone who joins them will aid in the abolition of injustice, hence one can be a crusader without the toil and turmoil of actually bearing arms in a crusade; they can indulge their violent impulses in riots and protests, smashing shop windows and the like; they can express utter hatred toward whoever the Emmanuel Goldstein of this fashion season happens to be.

The Morlocks allegedly seek a utopia expected spontaneously to erupt into being when the current allegedly oppressive and unfair social institutions of Christendom aka Western Civilization are thrown down. Morlockery is a distorted and twisted image of Christianity, and so has its promises of the New Jerusalem, but it also has its version of original sin. In Christianity, sin is innate in all sons of Adam, and the civil institutions, the sword of the magistrate and the structures of the Church are mean to chastise the wicked and lead us to the light. In Morlockery the light to which we are led is innate in mankind, and the institutions are the walls blocking the way, the deceptions of the devil, or, to use a better metaphor, the snares of the Demiurge who created a false world system to trap us. In Christianity evil comes from the nature of man and good from God. In Morlockery, evil come from the world-system and all that is needed for good to flower is to destroy the world-system.

Since the days of the Frankfurt Institute, the Left with admirable discipline has concentrated on what is called ‘Criticial Theory’, that is, instead of predicting how or even if the New Jerusalem of socialist utopia would come about (since all of the predictions of Marx had, by that day, failed), the intellectuals would spend on their efforts merely on complaining and criticizing and accusing, accusing and accusing the institutions of the West, blaming them for all evils to which human nature is heir.

The best way to kill the patient is to convince him that the doctor is making him sick: so the patient flees the doctor and throws his medicines away.

Whether or not the Morlocks actually believe in the socialist utopia is a moot point. It is not something they have planned or even daydreamed: it is merely a convenient excuse for the destruction of Christendom. To speak of what they mean to accomplish ‘after’ is meaningless. There is no after. It would be like asking what do the people drilling a hole in the hull of their submarine mean to do after they breach the hull?