Never is a Long Time

I assume that if you have been following the news, you heard nothing whatever about these speeches, or heard the distorted opposite of the facts.

As  a public service I offer the links here.

These are the only speeches since Reagan that have ever stirred my heart, stimulated my imagination, or made me bolt upright and cheer.

They are the only political speeches I have ever heard that were not dull.

And it is all the thoughts conservatives should have been saying for years, not just on talk radio, but in every stump speech and presidential debate.

Michigan speech on jobs, police, political corruption

Youngstown speech on foreign policy, immigration, terrorism

My comment:

I can understand if a Never Trump partisan has decided, based on some reason other than news reports, to mistrust Mr. Trump and hold him to be so dishonest that nothing he says can be trusted. If you decided based on news reports, allow me to say this in all Christian charity and humility, you are a damnable gullible fool. You know the news is lying to you, and is clever and cunning about the lies. But you listen and let yourself be fooled anyway.

Now, if he had been a man of flagrant dishonesty in the business world, please produce the record and call the witnesses. Hillary’s dishonesty is known and open. The government refusal to prosecute the case against Hillary was a blatant, insolent, in-your-face defiance of you and of your love of law and order. She got away with it, and is rubbing our collective nose in it.

On the other hand, if a Never Trump partisan is not convinced Trump always lies, one would think such a partisan should pay close attention to what he says his policies will be, and then take a good, old fashioned, Pascal’s Wager look at his stated goals.

You can weight the chance, no matter how low, that he will attempt to achieve his stated goals, very the chance, no matter how high, that Hillary will continue the regime of bribery and murder with her rapist-husband ruining the economy, provoking wars overseas but preventing soldiers from winning them, promoting terrorism abroad and protecting terrorists at home, leading the charge to promote cop-killing, using the Justice Department to stir up race riots, ensuring our boarders will be flooded and overflooded by enemy soldiers, criminals, and barbarians with no interest in learning English or becoming American, and the worshippers of a lunatic death cult avowed to the bloody deaths of themselves, and you, and your loved ones.

And if any other reporter or whistle blower investigates too closely into Hillary, he will die under mysterious circumstances also.

By any rational Pascal Wager, if the choice is between voting for a witch you know without doubt is a crooked, corrupt, bribe-taking, rape-shielding, lying-ass barking mad moonbat who will use the Presidency to grant victory to terrorism and death to cops, and on the other hand you have a man who at least says he is in favor of strong military, abolition of the LBJ Era free speech gag on preachers and priests, the abolition of Obamacare, and the restoration of law and order.

Conservatives have belly ached for years about the Dem lock on black votes, and wondered vainly how to win the affection of  people treated so badly and exploited so mercilessly by the party of Nathan Bedford Forest, the party of the Klan, the party of the Confederacy. In vain you wondered, but who erenow has had the sheer gall simply to speak the truth in public, and put the black vote in play?

Conservatives, your party leadership betrayed the Tea Party, and undermined any opposition to Obama, and handed the nation to the lunatic Left, doing nothing to preserve you, protect your family, or uphold the Constitutional values we cherish.

Conservative, Hillary will certainly appoint Supreme Court Justices that will give us thirty more years of aborticide, and mental disease that is slowly destroying the soul of this nation as slavery once destroyed the soul of the South, turning otherwise decent men into monsters. The Second Amendment will be obliterated, and the First Amendment will be robbed of all force and effect by a generation who upholds Hate Speech Laws that define as Hate any speech opposing Liberal Secular Humanist goals.

Conservatives, I ask you: What is Mr. Trump saying that is not straight-up pure quill conservatism?

His promised protectionist policies? I recall George Bush did the same  to protect the Steel Industry. Were you a Never W partisan, at that time?

His return to the pre-1960 hence sane immigration policy of not inviting into our nation those who bring noting to contribute, but carry the lethal theological virus called Mohammedanism?

His insistence that we pass a budget and cut spending and taxes? That is conservative boilerplate.

His desire to undo the power of the elite and return the form of government to power by the people, of the people and for the people? That is a quote from Lincoln, the founder of our party. You don’t get more Republican than that.

As a conservative, who can listen to these two speeches without he smite himself on the brow in shock and regret, and cry aloud, “Why, O Why has no one in my party said any such in public in the last fifty years?”

The soul of Conservatism, the thing that makes our movement something greater, purer, and more important than a mere political party, is that we think matters outside politics are private. We are not ideologues, those grotesque subhuman intellectuals whose political social engineering replaces their corrupt or dead religion in their sick hearts as their source of life’s meaning and the trumpet to life’s crusades.

Conservatives boast of being hard, solid, practical men. You don’t like Trump? Get over it. The choice is he or Hillary. The choice is your ideology, your precious ideological purity, and our nation.