Arhyelon: The Prude and the Trollop

From the pen of my lovely and talented wife.

Occasionally, I come upon a review (there has been more than one) of The
Unexpected Enlightenment of Rachel Griffin
where the reader threw the book across the room and stopped reading at the scene in chapter Four where crazy orphan boy Siegfried Smith encounters a young woman deliberately wearing too-tight clothing to flaunt her curves and uses the word (brace yourselves, my dear readers) trollop.

These reviewers universally agree: clearly the author (not the character, mind you) must be a disapproving prude out to slut-shame all well-endowed girls.

Read the whole thing. We live in a society where the sterile old maiden aunts react with fainting spells and clutch their pearls, but not at the first hint of anyone behaving improperly or lewdly, but at the first hint of anyone behaving properly or chastely. They expect you be be ashamed for not being shameless.

The world is moonbat lunatic crazypants insane.