Tangent Online seeks Volunteers

Announcement from Dave ‘Banned from Worldcon for Thoughtcrime‘ Truesdale:

Tangent Online is looking for 5 new reviewers to fill slots made available by current reviewers going back to school to finish graduate degrees, or to begin or resume teaching duties.

Knowledge of the SF/F field a must. Review or other writing experience (non-fiction or fiction) highly preferred but will work with the right person. Send examples if possible.

Tangent is a fanzine and does not pay. We do what we do for love of genre and have done so for 23 years (6 time Hugo nominee since 1993).

Applicants must be detail oriented and able to follow simple instructions as to formatting of reviews. Reviewers choose from a monthly list of magazines what they would like to review until the list is cleared. Review as much or as little as you wish.

Applicants send queries to Dave Truesdale, Editor, Tangent Online at: tangent.dt1@gmail.com