Donald Trump at Al Smith Charity Dinner

Donald Trump at Al Smith Charity Dinner:

I thought his jokes were pretty funny, but the Dems booed and heckled him.

Their lack of humor is a final sign of their lack of civility and humanity. Peace is no longer possible, I fear.

They love the felon hag as pagans love some debased, grinning, frog-eyed idol of lumpish stone, crudely hewn and set erect in a dark grove, to whose glory the warm blood of still babes is poured in vessels of gold. To hears their idol mocked, the red-handed worshippers cannot abide.

The events of the end of the Wiemar Republic in Germany are playing themselves out again. Let us take a lesson from history: had anyone with manly firmness opposed the rise of criminals to power in those days, or stubbornly insisted on the truth, or stood ready to whip the mad dogs of the Socialist German Worker’s Party back into their foetid warrens and dens, the horrors of the Twentieth Century could have been avoided.

In our present case, there is no America seated like a shining city on a hill ready to save the Europeans from their corruption and madness. Ours is the corrupt city now: the madness rules our media, our colleges, our courts of law.

We must expunge it from our midst. If any peaceful means remain, by all means let us avail ourselves. If not, then throw your scabbards away.

Our cops are being killed by Dems; cities are in flame; Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street mobs and hate groups are funded by Dems, bused in and unleashed on innocent civilians; voter corruption and fraud is practiced and celebrated by Dems; mentally ill people are hired by Dems to start fights at the rallies of political opponents, who then are blamed by a compliant, lying-ass, Pravda press corps, long ago corrupted by the Dems; barbarians in countless hordes are being brought over the borders in Europe to rape, terrify and cow the population there, and Dems plan the same to happen here; terrorist acts are lauded and applauded by Dems; Jihadists buy Dem politicians; Newspaper bury Jihadist outrages; and World War with Russia looms, provoked and stoked by Dems.

The Dems are enemies who need dissemble their hatred for all things human no longer.

For, see: they can no longer laugh at their own folly as human beings do, no more than devils can smile.