Too Long; Did Not Read WikiLeaks

For those of you without the time or patience to comb through thousands of leaked emails, the website Break has done so admirably. This is but a part (a large part) of the article, which you should by all means go here to read

Break sums it up. The Uranium One deal was my favorite, considering how often the Wicked Witch of the West through into Donald Trump’s face the accusation that he had friendly dealings with the Russians. She was selling them American radioactives:

Uranium One: Part 1 of Podesta email dump started us off with a doozy. A company called Uranium One was sold to the Russian government, and Hillary helped authorize the transfer as Secretary of State. As the Russians took over the company, the Clinton Foundation began receiving million-dollar donations from entities related to the company’s chairman. Emails show that officials who helped Hillary finish the sale were granted political favors.

Paid Speeches: Primary contest rival Bernie Sanders repeatedly called on Hillary to release her paid Wall Street speeches… here’s why she refused. “So, you need both a public and a private position,” she told her fabulously wealthy donors during a closed-doors $225,000 talk, noting that “people get a little nervous” when they see the “back room discussions and the deals” involved in politicking. She also reassured her well-heeled listeners that pesky things like financial reform were simply a way to keep the peasant class happy, insinuating that she would essentially let Wall Street police itself.

Freaky Foreign Policy: Somehow, Hillary figured it would be a good idea to disclose some of her more unsettling national security ideas to her Wall Street allies. If China does not help the U.S. scramble North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, for example, Hillary suggests that the U.S. military could retaliate by surrounding the massive country with missiles until it relents. As for the sensitive South China Sea dispute, Hillary believes that it – as well as the Pacific Ocean – could be renamed the “American Sea” for all the work the U.S. has done throughout history.

Environmentalism? No Thanks: Despite hopes by many on the left that Clinton would be the candidate to ban fracking, the Clinton camp believes that such a move represents “an extreme position.” As for environmentalists who have been protesting so that the supposed liberal candidate will condemn the controversial practice, Hillary’s message is clear: “get a life.”

Fair Primary? Nah: The Bernie supporters who fervently believed that the primary was blatantly rigged in Hillary’s favor now have even more evidence. Current DNC Chair Donna Brazile has been outed as adesperate Hillary sycophant who went as far as to feed her a debate question verbatim. The DNC also conspired to rig the primary debate schedule in Hillary’s favor, just in case knowing the questions ahead of time wasn’t already enough of an advantage.

Not Just Clinton: While the majority of the bombshells contained within Podesta’s emails affect Hillary directly, the man whose job she is campaigning for was also implicated. Obama was found to have received a list of candidates for top administration positions from Michael Froman back in 2008. Froman, the current U.S. trade representative, was raking in millions per year from Citigroup at the time. Obama went on to follow his Wall Street buddy’s list to a degree that can only be considered frightening.

Morocco Moolah: A back-and-forth between Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook and Hillary’s confidante, Huma Abedin, offers a glimpse into the shady dealings of the Clinton Foundation. Hillary had agreed to appear at a Moroccan summit in May 2015, seemingly in exchange for a tidy $12 million donation to the foundation on behalf of the King of Morocco himself. Mook ended up calling on Hillary to cancel the meeting and send Bill and Chelsea instead, as she was about to announce her presidential campaign and a Morocco visit would be hard to justify.

Qatar Cash: Back in 2011, top Clinton foundations planned on arranging a meeting between Bill Clinton and the government of Qatar so that the Middle Eastern country could hand over a $1 million checkto the Clinton Foundation. Why? It was a birthday present they promised the former president in 2011… or so they claimed. Weapons exports to Qatar and other foreign Clinton Foundation donors increased precipitously throughout the rest of Hillary’s time in the State Department.

MSM = Hillary’s PR Squad: The Hillary campaign got caught hosting an “off-the-records” cocktail party for “key national reporters,” with the stated goals of “framing the HRC message and framing the race.” The event was attended by a bevy of reporters from ABC, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, Politico, Vice, Vox, et al, and also featured appearances by the likes of Podesta, Abedin, Mook, and the rest of Hillary’s campaign elite.

The event seems to have worked. Politico’s chief political correspondent and senior staff writer Glenn Thrush sent a sniveling email to Podesta allowing him to give an article his seal of approval. The New York Times touched base with the Hillary campaign to determine how best to attack Trump while still maintaining some illusion of journalistic integrity. Clinton staffers discussed “placing a story” with sympathetic journalists, singling out specific reporters who have “never disappointed” them. Donna Brazile somehow had access to a CNN town hall question before the debate had aired.

Collusion between Hillary and the media stems back to the primary, when her staffers were instructing “independent” journalists to fabricate stories about Bernie Sanders that were promptly published without the authors disclosing their utter lack of impartiality.

Countless other examples of Hillary’s total control over the mainstream media have surfaced, most of which consist of journalists who are eager to prostrate themselves before the Clinton campaign in exchange for the favor of their chosen candidate.

We Need to Clean This Up”: President Obama once claimed that he only learned about Hillary’s private email server by watching the news, just like everyone else. That has since been determined to not have been totally accurate, and Podesta’s emails have also revealed the damage control process that the false comments set into motion. Cheryl Mills, who worked under Hillary during her time as Secretary of State,told Podesta that “we need to clean this up — he has emails from her – they do not say”

Subpoena Dodgers: An email shows Hillary’s staffers trying to figure out which emails should be turned over to investigators as part of the subpoena calling for ALL of Hillary’s emails to be turned over. “I’m sorry, I’m confused–what is it that we are saying we want to do? Release everything or just release what the committee has requested?” campaign manager Robby Mook wrote as staffers scrambled for a solution. Three weeks later, Clinton’s server would be wiped clean.

Pay-to-Play Expectations: What are Hillary’s biggest donors getting for their massive contributions? That’s what one prolific Obama and Clinton fundraiser wanted to know when he emailed Podesta directly to ensure that the Clinton campaign designates a team dedicated to fielding the “ideas/advice” of wealthy donors.

Obama’s Secret Email Address: Back in 2008, then-presidential candidate Barack Obama used the secret email to correspond with Podesta. This might have been the same private email address that the FBI believes Obama was using to communicate with Clinton at her own private email address, but the contents of those emails were never turned over.

This is by no means the entirety of the corruption that Podesta’s email leaks point to within the Hillary machine – there are tens of thousands of emails to go through and tens of thousands remaining to be released. At the very least, this list should reveal the extent to which the Hillary campaign is willing to skirt the law, commit flagrant ethics violations, and dismantle the integrity of the democratic process in the name of getting elected.