Shortest Column Ever

A reader asks:

“Mr. Wright, I have a request. Can you provide your take on whats going on with the revelation that John Podesta was caught arranging to participate in satanic rituals.”

I can sum up my take in two words: not surprised.

I am a Roman Catholic. I believe the nameless archangel exiled from heaven who became the accuser and archenemy of mankind is real, and he has his angels and his martyrs willing to die for him, to do his works of malice.

If not witchcraft, what explains Hillary’s ability to mesmerize half the nation into gaily overlooking her crimes, murders, treason, not to mention a voice like a screech owl?

If the Clintons and the Dems ignore all natural laws and human decency, why should we expect them to respect supernatural laws and divine decency? As below, so above.