Six Degrees of Sarah Hoyt!

So I am listening to one of the ‘Members Only’ videos from Bill Whittle’s ‘the Right Angle’ program where he, Scott Ott and Steve Green are discussing the recent attempt by leftwing sites like Google and Facebook to label conservative news as ‘FakeNews’ in order to justify excising them from their newsfeeds. This, Bill Whittle opines, will harm the reputation and damage their sales of the leftwing sites, since they will be sacrificing their primary product they sell (communications, networking and websearch) in order to promote political correctness.

At four and a half minutes into the program, Bill Whittle says that there is an idea he had from a female science fiction and fantasy writer about the fact that the industries turn hard left whenever they are dying of Leftism, which is to say, the admins in any industry dying from an overdose of political correctness will increase the dose rather than return to the core mission of the industry, because while killing off the company is bad for the company, it makes them personally martyrs for the cause of Leftism and allows them personally to find another and better job in any Left-leaning company.

He apologized that could not recall her name, but Steve Green chimed in that this was the theory of his good friend and neighbor, Sarah Hoyt.

She, of course, is one of the founding members, along with yours truly, Larry Correia, and Vox Day, of the Evil Legion of Evil Authors.

I was delighted to discover that a personal hero of mine is friends with a mutual friend. Small world, eh?

Meanwhile, since I appeared in a documentary film alongside Neil Gaiman, who also appeared in a film with Harlan Ellison, whose life was saved by Steve McQueen, who was in Towering Inferno with stuntman John Moio, who also appeared in Planes, Trains and Automobiles, in which Kevin Bacon appeared, this means I have a Kevin Bacon number of 5.

Here is Sarah Hoyt’s observation:

And my previous comment on it, two years ago:

(n..b.: Please note, for you purists out there, that my Jesuit confessor, Father de Casuist, assures me that this column, while it provides links to political commentary, is not itself political commentary. A description of Bill Whittle’s or Sarah Hoyt’s remarks does not proffer any opinion of my own about said remarks, nor offer any argument for or against: my Advent vow is intact.)