The Tortoise and the Hare

It is not yet advent, so I have room for one more political screed:

I have been waiting for decades for the Left to push the Right past the tipping point. Maybe the giant will wake again, and, this time, stay awake long enough to fend off the Left.

Perhaps with the election of Trump, the giant has stirred in its sleep.

We often liken the Left to rabbits, because, like rabbits, they are cowardly herd animals who thrive in the abundant seasons. In truth, they are the tortoise, and the Right is the sleeping rabbit. Step by slow and plodding step, for decades, the Left has made plans and carried them out. Anyone who uncovers those plans is denounced as an hysteric, a paranoiac, or a Nazi. But the school system, the news media, the popular entertainment, the law schools, the courts of law, were all taken over completely and thuroughly by a slow, steady, calculated plan which was a century in the making.

Now, as the fleet of foot, we on the Right can make up for lost time quite quickly: but we must make it up.

The election of Trump prevented the very last nail from going into the coffin, and the coffin from being thrown off the sea cliff into the sea, but we are still in a coffin.

We still live in a welfare state with media controlled by a small, well coordinated, self appointed Leftwing plutocracy. Our law schools and courts of law are still crowded with radical leftists in black robes whose purpose is to obliterate the nation, our language and culture, and to reduce us to abject servility.

Draining the swamp will be a difficult task, and may require years, decades, generations. Our universities are a lost cause: they must be burned to the ground and replaced by private institutions, staffed with Jesuits, forbidden under pain of death from taking a penny of Federal money, directly or indirectly. Even so, it will be years before a university is able to produce a free and educated man.

Let us not fall into the trap of the Civil Rights Act. Striking down Jim Crow laws would have done the job. Instead, the federal law arrogated to itself the right to say under what terms and whom a private business could have as a customer or employee.

This arrogant and foolish meddling created the very race hatred it was meant to destroy.

The conservatives were not willing to let the free market take its course, and let people associate with whatever people they wished, for good or ill, as is their right as free and sovereign individuals.

This law is now being used to force Christian bakers to bake cakes to celebrate the unions of sodomites as if they were married, even when there are countless other bakers available. The idea of leaving each man free to make his own mistakes was abolished: Government is Mother now, Government is Father, Government is Big Brother.

This was what the Left had in mind since the 1930s. You need not believe me: read their literature. They are perfectly willing to tell any interested party their means and methods. Read Saul Alinsky. The thing was not done in a corner.

They enemy are crying bullies, violent, irrational, and utterly devoted to pure evil. Indeed, their great camouflage is that no one is willing to believe that devotion to evil exists, not when the publicly stated goals of the Left are peace, happiness, freedom, hearts, flowers, kisses, and love for all.  As best I can tell, most of them actually believe in these fine goals, but when you ask them by what means they are to be achieved, their answer is always forever the same: Government is Mother now, Government is Father, Government is Big Brother.

Government will create utopia, and all that need be done is to allow government perfect and total control over every tiniest element and aspect of your life, speech, actions, and thoughts.

Utopia requires equality; equality requires blacks be given preferential treatment above whites; equality requires men be turned into women and women be turned into men, and that all romance and happiness be eliminated from life for the sake of overweight feminists practicing witchcraft. Equality requires no man be above another man in any respect, or, for that matter, to be different from another man. Therefore equality requires uniformity in all things, but especially in the speech and thought. Conform; adore the chains that bind you.

Now it is obvious to anyone who speaks English that equality means the exact opposite of all this. Equality means you are the same rank as your neighbor. He was not born your master, and you were not born his slave. Your vote counts for as much as his.

Equality means liberty. If your neighbor does not outrank you, he has no right to silence your speech, command your forms of worship, dictate what you may read or write, arrest you without due process, condemn you without trial, and so on. Nor have you the right to do the same to him.

Fools and liars continually say the word equality means something else. Next time you talk to a fool who says so, ask him humbly what Thomas Jefferson had in mind when he penned the famous words in the Declaration of Independence that all men were created equal?

As a genius among an era famed for its geniuses, did he mean we were all born of the intelligence? As a rich landowner, did he mean we all have the same skills, income, land, and property? As a tall redheaded man, did he mean we all have the same physique and appearance? As an unparalleled writer, did he mean we all have the same talents? All the same love of justice and devotion to virtue? As a rebel against the crown, did he mean we all have the same patriotic love of our monarch?

To ask these questions answers them: he mean we are all equal in rank. No crowns, no chains, no serfs, no nobles. Every man’s vote is the same in number even if not the same in wisdom. Every man’s property is the same in its legal protection from invasion, even if it not the same goods in the same amounts. The poor man’s hovel cannot be entered without a warrant any more than the rich man’s mansion.

In order to erode this notion of equality to the point where otherwise intelligent modern men will blaspheme and curse you for saying what the word means, this took the Left a matter of years and years.

It is not easy to provoke envy in the hearts of a free and independent people. The rot must be done slowly, slowly, and the corruption worm its way inward only by inches.

But without destroying this notion of equality, where your rights are the same as your neighbors even if your property and opportunity is not, and replacing it with a corrupt notion that equality your property and opportunity is the same as your neighbors, even though your rights are not (the black has a right to affirmative action denied to whites), the Left has no substance. Their whole philosophy is nothing but politicized envy; hatred wearing a sheep’s clothing to look sweet and nice.

But they are not sweet and nice. They hate you, and everything you hold sacred, they wish destroyed. Nothing is so tiny as to escape their basilisk glare: just yesterday I heard that it is now no longer politically correct to wish congratulations to a girl who has gotten engaged: as this may discomfort the spinsters or witches or harlots in the room, who can find no man to wed.

Be warned, my friends. They took a long time to accomplish what they accomplish, and worked night and day for decades. Now the commanding heights of battle belongs all to them, and the news is their creature totally, and the universities their seminary.