Trump is President Elect!

What does this mean?

Our Supreme Court will be interpreters rather than legislators of the law; Hillary will be prosecuted and locked up; the News media has been utterly discredited in the eyes of every man who has eyes; the flood of Jihadists disguised as refugees ceases; the habit of calling everyone with an honest disagreement of opinion ‘racist’ will fall into disrepute; Wall Street will have to go to work for customers, rather than for DC; DC will have to go to work for voters, rather than for Wall Street; the electrical grid will be hardened; sanctuary cities will be cut off from the federal teat; Obamacare will go away, and my unprintable deductibles might come down out of the unprintable stratosphere; the stranglehold preventing America from being an energy independent energy producer will be removed; the president will not be telling all schools in the nation to let pervert boys into girl’s locker rooms; the unconstitutional and unamerican tax regulation preventing priests and pastors from speaking about public issues from the pulpit will be removed; the depleated military will be restocked and upgraded; war with Russia will be avoided; the unconstitutional and insane deal with Iran will be negated; Islamic Terrorists will be fought rather than coddled; the flood of illegals from the southern boarder will be stopped; all the illegal and unconstitutional executive orders issued by Sultan Obama will be rescinded; and I will not have to hear one word about Bill Clinton’s penis no hear one word from Hillary Clinton horrid Bene Gesserit screech owl voice at any point in the next eight years; a long overdue tax cut for businesses will be proposed, and, if the GOP maintains discipline, passed in short order; certain protectionist measures about which I am less enthused will be enacted; and our friendship with foreign allies, such as Britain and Israel, may once again be renewed.

No more insults from the First Family to the security detail; no more lecturing, hectoring lies from a Saul Alinsky radical buffoon; no more repugnant visions of mainstream journalists fawning and bootlicking over criminals and boobs and incompetents; no more constant Obamaesque slights, sneers, and slurs against this nation; no more government sponsored lied about the four dead men that Hillary abandoned to the enemy at Benghazi; no more use of the IRS to harass and hound conservatives; no more over-toleration and meek under responses to insults and provocations from Seventh Century Mohammedan barbarians; no more horrors provoked when the president uses the bully pulpit to encourage attacks on police, and abuses the Justice Department by harassing and punishing innocent policemen shooting dangerous criminals caught in the act.

And we get to keep our guns, our flag, and our God in public.

And that is if Mr Trump does only those things, of all he has promised, that would require almost no effort to do. Merely enforce the laws as written, and law the military do its job.

Not to us, not to us, O Lord, the glory, but thou.