Musical Corner: My Own Home

I had been a big fan of Disney, as an adult and as a child, for so long as I can recall. Out of all the many Disney songs I love and remember, this one is perhaps my favorite, albeit no one else seems to remember it.

If I ever had to explain to a Man from Mars what it means to be human, what mean the sorrow and the joy of turning from boy to man, the poignant loss of leaving the junglish tangle of childhood behind, and the strange, siren song of romance, chivalry, and civility into which the youth grows, I would show him this clip at the beginning of my explanation.

At the moment when the Man from Mars could understand why Mowgli shrugs just before he disappears into the man-village, no more explanation is needed.

(I am saddened to read in the comments section below the clip how few in the modern generation understand what it means to be human. They grok less than the Man from Mars.)

For those of you who want to hear it in the original Hindi as transcribed by Rudyard Kipling: