A Pilgrim Stranger in Need of Aid

A reader writes and asks for help finding reviews:

I must make this small request of you. A writer whose works I very much enjoy, one Mark Samuels, recently self-published a novel with a Traditionalist Catholic theme. This is its blurb:
“Alfredo Salgado, Catholic schoolboy and proud Spaniard, wages his own personal offensive against the dictates of modernity and the ‘proglodyte’ enemies of Orthodoxy and the Old Faith.
Set in 1981 and 2015 against a backdrop of societal upheaval A PILGRIM STRANGER is an ebullient satire of contemporary values.”
Problem is that Mr. Samuels published only works of weird and horror fiction before, and unfortunately neither some of his peers in that field nor a good chunk of his readership are exactly enamored with his religious and political stances. In fact, he received a fair share of bile in the past.
In order to try and promote his novel, he made the following offer on his blog:
So, I must ask of you, if you know any of your fans or online acquaintances with some time to spare on reading and reviewing the man’s novel, please send this link to them.
It is not any sort of minor or novice writer that I try to promote here. Mr. Samuels’s work is highly praised in his field and his stories are oft reprinted.
His novel deserves at least this smallest of chances to find some sort of audience. as it shan’t find any among nihilist, anti-Christian readers of horror fiction who make the bulk of his existing readership.
I hope that I don’t presume overmuch by making this request of you.

Any takers?