One Day More


Exult and be glad! The long national nightmare of a pro-Muslim anti-American Alinsky radical as Commander-in-Chief comes to an end tomorrow.

Rejoice! But keep one hand on your sword: eight years is all too short a space, and the creature who occupied the Oval Office was neither the leader nor a significant player in the ongoing corruption of the United States, Western Civilization, or the World. He was a creature of the media, created by the media, and, to judge from his acts, controlled by the media.

Revel! The temporary loss of political power in the Left is indeed cause for celebration. Ignite the fireworks and cavort, laugh aloud and sing and raise a tankard filled to the brim, by all means!

But recall that political power is a side effect, an outgrowth, a fruit, of the culture and worldview that creates it — I almost said the religion. In this case Leftism, together with Jihadism, are two antithetical worldviews, two heresies, which have in common a single enemy: orthodoxy.

They will cooperate for the destruction by slow means or swift of all we hold dear.

Jubilate! This battle is won. The war is not over. Celebrate now. Sharpen your swords.