The Trump Happiness Montage

It has been a fortnight or so since Donald Trump was inaugurated. Not even a month. Not yet a quarter of his first hundred days.In that time, more has been done to restore and reform the United States back into the nation we recall from our youth than any GOP politician in two lifetimes, most of all by caning back the press.

For example, the 1996 ‘Congressional Review Act’ will permit the GOP controlled Senate to eliminate the any regulation invented during last sixty workdays of Obama regulatory overreach with a simple majority, filibuster-proof. The Act provides that no bureaucrat can revisit or re-enact a regulation so struck down.

Now, the sixty day clock starts running whenever the regulation is promulgated or when it is reported to the Congress, WHICHEVER IS LATER.

These reports were neglected to be sent by the Obama administration, and, indeed, many earlier administrations, hence if Trump orders the report written for regulations that have never been reported previously, the clock starts running again, Congress gets a veto over the regulation as of that date, even if the regulation has been around for decades.

I wake each day eager, rather than dreading, to see the news.

And we have not yet picked up speed as yet. Obamacare is going. The Wall is coming. Heed no naysayers. The croaking crows will croak away.