Lazarus and Dracula

SAMURAI JACK is back, and is just as good as you remember it. If you have a cable provider, you can watch it here:

Obviously there is another voice for Aku, since the great Mako has passed away, but the look, the action, the energy, the humor, it is all there, all just as you recall.

On the other hand, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST is back, and now has gay themes, a gay kiss, and girl is the inventor and not the father, and the people of late Medieval France have the same racial mix as the bridge of the Starship Enterprise. So Disney took the final step.

Before now, Disney tried hard not to offend anyone of any creed, and tolerated Left and Right; but now they are trying hard to offend the Christians, and will not tolerate them. Malaysia want to edit the film to cut of the very brief and irrelevant homosex public service message, and Disney pulled the film from the nation. They would rather lose money than lose the chance to spit in the face of Christ.

And on the other hand, YOUNG JUSTICE is also back. This at one time was my absolutely, positively favorite adventure show. The producer have announced that they will be introducing a LGBT character. Like Disney, the purity of their contempt for Christ is more important to them than story telling, making money, pleasing their fans, or anything else.

So SAMURAI JACK made it back from the dead with all his former life, like Lazarus. Whereas these other shows come groaning back to the vile mockery of life, moving through their stiff postures, grinning their empty little grins, eyes unwinking and dry as stones, to suck away the fun, the soul, and the life of what made the stories good.

Before YOUNG JUSTICE, my favorite show was LAST AIRBENDER. That show came back from the dead with LEGEND OF KORRA, But the writers there rewarded my love and loyalty with the ceremonial spit in the face of Christ with their LGBT antics.

A sly hint of it was intruded at the last minute in a way that simply made no sense given the plot so far, so that the PCniks could claim, among themselves, that AIRBENDER supported homosex, but so that anyone who criticized could be demonized and dismissed as someone who objected to two girls “holding hands.” See how that works?

Unfortunately the email by the writers saying that the innocent handclasp and soulful look in the eye between the butch, athletic tomboy girl and the feminine girl in lipstick was exactly their intent to show the erotic love between them. (Not that the PC-niks halt or slow their accusations merely because of facts.)

HARRY POTTER was also a favorite of mine, until the author announced that Dumbledore was a pervert.

SUPERGIRL decided they had to put in public service messages for homosex, that is, when they are not using space aliens as a heavy-handed analogy for illegal aliens. LEGENDS OF TOMORROW not only has an ongoing main character who is a homosexual, when the older white male who tried to act as leader in the second season suddenly, and for no reason, found himself indecisive and confused, so the young attractive lesbian girl is now leader.

The show is also an example of why PC cannot mix with time travel stories. Showing up with multiracial crews in monoracial time periods requires the writer either to portray the native period as bigoted (something allowed if the USA of 1950’s or World War Two is onstage) or the natives for some reason merely do not notice or comment on it (because showing a 16th Century Samurai harboring xenophobic rage against a black man seducing his Japanese daughter would be unthinkable.)

THE ARROW and THE FLASH also are peppered with extraordinarily frequent public service messages for political correctness in ways that detract from the plot.

DR. WHO for a season or four did not have a single episode that lacked a gay marriage or a transsexual horse mentioned in passing. I have not seen the show for years, though, so I am not sure what it is like now.

Who else has come back from the dead? They made a new SPIDERMAN movie, and a new STAR WARS movie. Both are loyally politically correct.

There is talk of a new STAR TREK. I wish I were excited. The new STAR TREK is going to be gayed up and homosexualized, ironically, even over the objections of George Takei. Then there was this.

At one time, STAR TREK was my idol. Now it is dead to me.

STRANGER THINGS is coming back for a second season, a show I was prepared to love and cherish with the deepest love a fan can feel. But I am tired of supporting people who insult me, hate me, and hate everything I hold dear. I am tired of patronizing folk who call me deplorable.

That list should shock. SAMURAI JACK returned alive from oblivion. But BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, YOUNG JUSTICE, LAST AIRBENDER, HARRY POTTER, STAR WARS, STAR TREK, not to mention the countless DC and Marvel spinoffs and live action versions: none of them made it alive into the modern day. Political Correctness got them all.

Notice what all these have in common: all are aimed at the young. They are superhero shows, cartoons, Disney and Nickelodeon, or books shelved in the juvenile sections.

The other thing they have in common is that these vermin are not ruining shows and series I care nothing about, or even ones for whom my affection is lukewarm.

They are ruining some of the best stuff in the genre, if not the best. The vermin are killing our idols and legends, the pantheon of our shared popular imagination.

As a fanboy with fanboy children, these things they are ruining are part and parcel of my family life, permanent fixtures in the life of my imagination. My children have dressed up in costumes as characters from some of these offerings, and literally took them as role models, imitating them in their play.

Even to someone with no objection to the goal of political correctness, the intrusion of irrelevant elements such as overt details about a character’s sexual life in an adventure tale cannot help but ruin a story. To resolve a love triangle the writer spent three seasons establishing by having the girl run off with her exboyfriend’s exgirlfriend may be politically cutting edge, but as a story telling gimmick, it is a cheat.

So the vermin ruin the shows and make them unwatchable.

And in return they get … what? The cold smiles of political masters? A false sense of moral superiority? A false feeling of belonging to a warm warren of like-minded hares?

The persons they are trying to please by betraying their fans have no more loyalty to these writer than these writers have toward their fans.

To sell one’s soul for the world is a bad bargain. But to sell it and get nothing in return…?