Dragon Awards!

Dragon Con is coming, and the means the Dragon Award.

The Dragon Award Ballot for 2017 can be found at this link. Anyone can vote. All you need to do is love the genre.

The Dragon award is a physically beautiful looking statuette, each one unique. I have one sitting on my mantle.

I have been honored with a nomination for Swan Knight’s Son , which is one of my favorite works of anything I’ve written.

But the ironic humor of the Fates decided to put me up against my wife’s book, Rachel and the Many Splendored Dreamland by L. Jagi Lamplighter.


She and I are both against Rick Riordan, so my wife (in an act as noble as that of Alcestis) is asking her voters not to split the Wright vote, and has asked that her voters cast a ballot for my work.

On the other hand, The Secret Kings by Brian Niemeier is also up for an award in a different category, and he has promised to give Jagi his award if he wins, because she is his editor. So voters wanting to give Jagi an award should vote for him.

He has an award from last year, and wants to spread the love.

Putting my normal modesty aside, I confess that while my wife’s book is better than mine, I would love for Swan Knight’s Son to get a little extra attention and not because I happen to be the author.

It is a book about the virtues of honesty, temperance, courage and kicking ass in a good cause. It is a book where the baptized Christian is a good guy, for once. It is a book about knighthood and chivalry, which are military disciplines, and not just tipping your hat to a lady.

The things books aimed at teen boys used to tell them about how to be a man are here. It is a book that is needed by this generation, and overdue in coming.

It is also a book about a talking dog.

The Dragon is young as yet, but the award promises to become the prestigious and honest award reflecting popular opinion in the field of fantasy and science fiction.

There once was an award called the Hugo which reflected popular opinion, but for reasons too painful to dwell upon, a small clique of Morlocks, the subhuman and degenerate remnants of a once proud race of creative beings, hacked the elections for about a decade, and brought the Hugos into disgrace and irrelevance.

The Hugos, these days, are simply the political award for SJW oriented SF in the same way the Prometheus award is the political award for libertarian oriented SF.

The sole difference is that the Prometheus Award is honest, and says it is a political award granted to reward loyalty to libertarianism, whereas the Hugos are dishonest, and pretends that it is just by the secret operation of a hidden law of nature that no conservatives nor libertarians can or do write good science fiction.

These Morlocks have little or no interest in science fiction. They are interested in politics, in political correctness, in their particular idea which they call diversity, but which all honest men know is conformity to the thought police.

Let us pray the Morlocks and their works receive few votes or none, and let us work toward that end.

If they get the same foothold here as they achieved with the Hugo, the Dragon will go the same way as the Hugo, and be awarded to unpopular works of inferior quality on the basis of the political correctness of the private opinions of the authors.

Like the Hugos, it will become a meaningless award given for political loyalty, or given to token mascots due to skin color, sex, or sexual aberration, and not given to good and popular stories for being good and popular.

The Dragon Award steps into the place vacated by the Hugo. It is the fan-driven award given by fans out of love for the stories we love.

Please vote!