D&C on Marvel LEGACY

At least one reviewer has looked over Marvel LEGACY #1 and, as I suspected, panned it as being the same boring SJW trash as ever.

On this variant cover, all the beloved characters appear, including Thor, Cap, Spidey, Iron Man, Hulk, each in the real version.

There is even a curvaceous and feminine version of Mary Jane Watson.

The cover promises excitement, intrigue, action, fun, and not stupidly self-indulgent yet annoying  and slow-witted SJW characters drawn in stiff poses with muddy sepia-toned colors wandering aimlessly through plots that make no sense and have nothing at stake.

This cover promises all that is about to change!

ANNDDD….  The promises is false.

None of the characters actually show up anywhere in the book itself, except for one scene with Steve Rogers in civilian clothing drinking coffee in a diner and looking glum.

But at least Starbrand showed up again! (Sarcasm)

Anyone who actually trusted that SJWs even have the ability to react to consumer demand or the adult emotional capacity to grasp that fans don’t like repeated traumatic insult to the honor of their best beloved characters, and were actually going to turn over a new leaf and return to the status quo ante seem (if this reviewer is to be trusted) to be in the same position as Charlie Brown being convinced that this time, finally, Lucy will hold the football right.

Instead, the football was tugged away once more, and anyone so gullible is now lying on his back staring upward, dazed.

I have not read the comic myself and do not intend to, so I have no real opinion on its merits. There is a reviewer whose judgment I trust who has warned me away.

The one or two readers who urged me to read these SJW books rang many of the little leper bells of warning in my mind, so that their urging the books as good convinced me sight unseen that they would be terrible.

You know the kind of thing I mean: where an innocent man says, “I am innocent!” a guilty man says ” You cannot prove anything!”

So, here. Those praising the comics did not actually praise the comic, merely insulting me for not liking them.

That is not a sign that the comic is actually good. That is a sign of a poseur pretending to like something because the smart set find it chic.

Here is D&C on Legacy:

Note the dialog between Sam Wilson and Jane Foster, the fake Thor and the fake Captain America as they close in for combat with monstrous foes (see at about 9.35)

Jane: Frost Giants. Small ones.

Sam: They don’t look so small to me.

Jane: They will once we are finished with them.

Sam: I guess I can give the old threads some action this one last time.

Jane (flourishing a honking, huge warhammer in her tiny, little, delicate, nurse’s hands):  If this is truly the end of your time as the Captain, then let us make the most of this day.

Jane (continuing): There will be the sweet taste of combat, then of mead, then, perhaps. of your lips.

Sam: Kissing can wait. For now, let us stick to punching.

Keep in mind, True Believers, that this is supposed to be the selfsame Jane Foster who was the love interest for Don Blake, the real Thor, back in the day.

And the writer has the woman proposing the hot smooching after getting roaring drunk on mead, while all the while exalting in the glories of smashing bones, splattering brains and blood and hearing the screams of the disemboweled and dying foemen, and seeing them driven before you, and hearing the lamentation of their women.

Yup. That is Jane Foster. Just the same person as this.

Note that back in the day, each sentence ended in an exclamation point. That is because everything was exciting! In the modern day, each sentence ends in a period. Nothing is exciting. Nothing matters.

The change between two entirely opposite personality types, from loving and caring nurse to brutal barbarian she-man is entirely organic and reasonable. Whatever.

Or, just maybe, on the other hand, these writers are sociopaths, with no native understanding of human emotions or interior human life, and so they cannot portray people except, perhaps, like the stiff and absurd caricatures seen on Soviet propaganda posters.

You may read the comic and come to your own conclusion. Or perhaps that is not needed. Perhaps it is sufficient just to sniff and swallow a small mouthful from the sewer pit to justify the conclusion that it contains sewage, hence is unfit for human consumption.

As far as I am concerned, Marvel Comics is dead to me. Their television shows are dead.

There is some small hope that the cinematic universe, which is in other hands, will limp along continuing to tell good stories for a year or two, but they have no natural defense against the rot, and they will cave as soon as possible as well.