Last Crusade 36: Heretics and Heathens

The world is firmly in the hands of the Dark Lord. We are behind enemy lines. He rules the modern day and each day seems to be getting stronger.

The feeling, very common to conservatives, libertarians, and populists alike, of a sense of strangling impotence, the sensation that no one is listening and nothing can change, and the idea that history is a toothed wheel on a ratchet, free to move only in one direction, all these things are nothing more than weapons in the arsenal of the enemy.

I submit that the feeling is false. We are closer to the overthrow of this generation’s darkness than ever before. The victory is closer than you think. Dire battles are ahead, but the triumph is in sight.

Compare our current situation, for all its hopelessness, with that of George Washington facing the British Empire, Alfred the Great facing the Norse, or, more to the point, Saint John on the isle of Patmos.

Picture yourself as John. Christ has ascended, and is no more seen on earth. You are in exile, trapped on a rock in the sea. The Roman Empire is greater in extent and run with a more brutal efficiency than the Persians, the Babylonians, or the Egyptians before them. Their legions are countless, their procounsuls govern with a rod of iron, and nothing outside its boundaries save for barbarians. Rome rules the known world and shall forever.

Meanwhile,  James the Greater was taken by Herod and put to death by the sword. Andrew was bound to a decussate cross during the persecution of Nero. Bartholomew was flayed alive. James the Lesser had his brains dashed out by a fuller’s club. Peter was nailed upside-down to a cross in Rome. Thomas was arrested by a king in India, and impaled by spears. Philip was stoned to death. Matthias was stoned to death. Simon was crucified. Jude was pierced by arrows. Paul was beheaded. Jerusalem was sacked by Titus, and the Temple burned.

Picture yourself in these circumstances as the sole remaining Apostle. It would look hopeless.

And yet, and the seeds planted by the other Apostles, watered by the blood of martyrs, already have borne fruit, and  seven churches are already established in Asia Minor. And yet, from these contemptable beginnings, a Church shall grow whose branches shall overspread the world.

More to the point, the view of the world she preaches, the idea of men as made in the image and likeness of God, hence all worthy of liberty and dignity, shall invest itself so deeply into the spirit of history that the only serious challenge to the Christian worldview are heresies and distortions of it, which nonetheless still accept the basic Christian premises.

We live in the world where the Church has reached all the continents. The Soviet Union has gone the way of the Fourth Reich, of Nineveh and Tyre. China would never dare fight a pitched war with the West, not in the days of nuclear deterrence, and the rogues and the terrorists only survive by selecting soft targets and avoiding retaliation, and, more to the point, using their Progressive allies in the West to undermine Western will to resist.

But that will is ours merely for the asking. To wake the giant, all he need do is wake.

The enemies victories rest on two legs: the internal rot of heresy and the external threat of heathenism.

In this generation, the internal rot is Secularism. The external threat is no longer communism (communism is dead in the Soviet Union and alive in Academia, so it is now an internal threat only). The external threat these days is Mohammedanism.

Both legs rely on a fundamental illusion and untruth for their strength.

Mohammedanism accepts monotheism but rejects the doctrine of voluntary conversion. For them, human will means nothing, hence human dignity means nothing, which means men are the slaves, and not the sons, of God. But a Tyrant god is no longer a monotheistic idea, because goodness is no longer part of his nature.

The faithful sons of the Prophet start by wishing to carry the good news of a merciful and compassionate god named Allah to all quarters of the earth. They end by destroying everything they touch, reducing men to slavery and women to chattel, and being unable to govern themselves with peace and justice. They end with hell on earth.

Secularism is the reverse. It accepts the Christian notion of the dignity of man, and the Christian belief in the freedom of the will, but rejects the monotheism which alone makes human dignity and freedom logically permissible. Secularism begins with a radical affirmation that human will can alter all things, including (if one so choses) one’s sex and sexual orientation. But by rejecting any law higher than human law, it is left with no logical basis for preferring one human law over another, and no logical basis for distinguishing between virtue and vice, true and false, fair and vile. And so man is reduced to Homo Nihilo, the nowhere man, and addicted to vice and falsehood, and surrounded by savage and unrelenting ugliness in art and music.

They reject the Eucharist and make abortion their paramount sacrament; they trample love, romance, and marriage and in its place promote adultery, sodomy, pederasty, and apotemnophilia of the male member as the paramount goals of family life. They reject the natural common interests of men in clans and clans in communities, and instead promote identity politics until one and all are sick unto death.

They inherited the most free, just, fair, civilized and fine society history has ever known, and in the name of improving it to utopia, introduce totalitarianism, arbitrary laws, one-sided partisanship, barbarism and hooliganism, and all things crass and gross, corrupt and vulgar.

They live in a nation where a black man can be elected President, where no barrier exists to any carrier they can imagine, and very considerable help in the form of affirmative action, and yet somehow conclude that America is Nazi Germany, and the mass deportations of blacks to death camps in Alabama are only around the corner. In truth, the only death camps are on the streets of Chicago and places where Democrats, the very crooks promoting this tripe, have ruled the blacks for decades.

But in both cases, these two opposite heresies take the Christian worldview as their starting point and as their disguise.

Mohammedanism promises the peace of paradise, and the rulership of divine omnipotence. But the cult is Christianity without Christ, and Judaism without Moses, and so they have neither faith nor law. Instead they have Shariah, an oppressive totalitarian political code.

Instead of a religion, they are a political movement, bent on conquest and slavery.

Christian saints heal in the name of Christ and Mohammedans kill in the name of Allah. A Christian martyr is an innocent who dies beneath the hand of a persecutor. A Mohammedan martyr is one who persecutes and kills the innocent, often with the added sin of suicide, which is the door to hell.

The promise of paradise is the white wool. Conquest is the wolf beneath.

Secularism promises peace and abundance once all education is socialized, all medicine is socialized, all arts and entertainments carry no message but praise of Caesar, all economic goods are looted and distributed by Caesar, and all religion (save for honoring Caesar) is abolished. The promise is that once the price system and the free market is abolished, goods and services will be produced out of nowhere for no reason in greater number and finer quality than under a free market. The promise is that once the proletarians rise up and commit a worldwide version of the Terror of the French Revolution on all the free and productive peoples of the earth, all educated people, everyone wearing glasses, and all the bourgeoisie, and the great battle of Armageddon destroys all the unrighteous, the New Jerusalem, adorned like a bride for a wedding, will descend from heaven, and the worker’s socialist paradise will unfold. Caesar will rule forever, and will wipe all tears from human eyes.

Cultural Marxists called SJWs or Progressives play the same tiresome tune of Millenarian heresy on their fascist banjos, except they swap out race and sex for the economic classes in classical Marxism. Instead of eliminating the free market, the Progressives seek to eliminate binary gender, and give us fifty two sexes instead.

In other words, Secularism is a Doomsday cult style religion, masquerading as a political movement.

But they have nothing to do with politics, not really, not in the long run. If a political goal were their goal, the Progressives would support women’s liberation not just in Western nations, but also in the Middle East, among the Mohammedans. They do not. Whenever an issue arises and a Progressive must choice either to support the one or the other, they always inevitably support the misogynist Mohammedans and throw feminists under the bus.

Again, if they were truly a political movement and not a religion, Secularism would support the sexual revolution not only in the West, but also in the Middle East, and would object to discrimination and hatred directed at homosexuals.

Instead, an entire state has to be scoured county by county to find exactly one pizza shop, manned by the teenaged daughter of the owner, willing to say on camera that her Christian faith would prevent that shop from catering a gay “wedding”, and the Progressive indulge in a nationwide two-minute hate like something out of George Orwell, and the pizza parlor comes to be a household word. Meanwhile gays in the Middle East are executed in savage and sadistic ways, being thrown off rooftops or buried alive, and the Progressives say nothing. The Pulse nightclub in Florida is the scene of a Mohammedan firing into a crowd, murdering and wounding half a hundred people. The Progressive shed not even a single tear for the gays gunned down, but take the opportunity to wag their finger and sniff and blame the NRA.

If Secularism were a political movement, the hypocrisy would be galling and unimaginable. But it is not. It is a religion. It is a faith whose first dogma is to deny that it is a faith. Its second dogma is political correctness, that is, the principle that lying is a virtue and truth is a hate crime. Its third dogma is that hatred is salvation, and therefore inventing a scapegoat to hate, and to blame for all your problems, is the path to the pinnacle of virtue.

Hatred is great, but absolute hatred is better, therefore the scapegoat must never be allowed to have a day in court. No rational discussion on any topics is needed nor desires. Call them a Nazi and bash their skull in with a bike lock or metal sign pole.

And then once all the Nazis are dead, peace and goodwill will naturally and magically flow out of flying unicorn buttocks like rainbows, and all will live in joy forever, amen.

Marriage is rape and owning property is theft and war is peace and freedom is slavery and no words have any meaning and no thoughts are logically connected with any other thoughts. A Progressive is a man who starts whole and wholesome like any other, but they he carves out from himself from the inside, bit by bit and piece by piece, little living chunks of the brain and heart and soul, until he is a hollow hate- robot. He become and undead shambling half-creature who lives by rote. He does not want to live and is not really capable of it. But he wants you to die.

He cannot be addressed, and cannot be reasoned with, since his only response and only reply to anything you say, no matter what you say, will be to accuse you of badthink, and accuse, and accuse and accuse. (Invariably he will accuse you not of your own sins and shortcomings, but his.)

Progressivism is an Antichristian Church. It is a natural ally with Mohammedanism because Mohammed was and is also antichristian.

They are also a wolf in lamb’s wool. In this case, the wool is the Christian notion of the dignity and equality to be granted the poor and the oppressed and the sojourner and the stranger. They wish to help the poor and the minorities and the disenfranchised. But instead of helping them, they make them slaves to Caesar, promising with endless false promises that Caesar will be their Big Brother and passionate protector, their savior and their redeemer.

The wolf is the freakish notion that the straight white Christian male is the source of the poverty and oppression rather than the only source of opportunity and liberty in the world. Instead of helping the poor to become rich, the Progressive chains the poor to his poverty, and traps him on the plantation of welfare dependency, prison, bastardy, drug abuse, gang violence. Then they blame and shoot the cops.

The wolf is Caesar, the state, who turns into the Beast of the Apocalypse once he is worshipped as a god.

But here is the terrible and final irony. The thing that lures the victims of these two deceptions into loyalty to Mohammedanism or Progressivism is the thing that Christianity actually has, but which the two deceivers lack.

Christ is not a wolf in lamb’s wool. Christ is the lamb of God.

What the enemies of Christ want is something they can win only by ceasing to be the enemy.