The Count to Infinity starts today!

Do you yearn for high-concept science fiction on the widest possible scale covering the deeps of time, and the deeper profundities of the human soul? Ready yourself for a prodigal overabundant feast of sheer imagination, each course grander than the last.

The triumphant finale of the Eschaton Sequence, COUNT TO INFINITY, is finally available. In terms of size, scope, and ambition, no book of mine has ever attempted so much nor reached so far.

In the opening scene, Menelaus Montrose knows exactly where he is: betrayed, blasted, beaten, disembodied and left for dead by the villainous Blackie del Azarchel in the ruined hulk of a dead starship racing at relativistic speeds toward intergalactic space, beyond any possible hope of rescue.

And then he discovers the empty ship is haunted …

Montrose loses his mind, finds it again, builds an interplanetary civilization of three artificial species of his own creation, travels across intergalactic distances, sees the singularity leading outside the universe built by the seraphim, smashes into an interstellar energy boundary at near-lightspeed, is kidnapped and enslaved, has his mind deconstructed, and uses his love of Rania to reconstruct himself by sheer willpower and by his own poxy bootstraps drags himself out of a disembodied, electronic hell, and outwits and outfights his oppressors to become the ruler of the star cluster, and of the Milky Way. And then the true battle on a larger scale begins.

Eager to know why the Andromeda Galaxy is on course to collide with Milky Way in two billion years? This is not some random event but a coldblooded war fought between deadly philosophical antagonists, a war where supernovae are weapons, and the nebulae but smoke from the discharges.

In this work, these are merely local and parochial events. In this, the final volume of the cosmos-spanning epic of near and far future, the curious reader will also learn why our universe, at the largest scale, consists of walls and filaments of galactic clusters and superclusters interspersed with enormous voids.

The fate of the one, true Rania is revealed, and the long-awaited final duel between Del Azarchel and Montrose is fought in this volume, and the mysteries of time and eternity are opened.

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